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Looking for a reasonable price on an Amibroker live chart? Choose Amibrokerchart.


Amibroker data is an amazing tool that you can use to gain better insights into the market. It is this software that can display all NSE stocks in real-time, graphical form.


In addition, it can also be applied to trading systems to automate their operations.

The user interface is easy and interactive, and the data is updated on a real-time basis. It is based on 32-bit Windows OS and supports various platforms, including Mac and Linux.


The real-time data from Amibroker is for traders from all over the world to get. It has a listing on the NYSE and NSE. It is updated instantly; therefore, you will get all the necessary information on time.


Amibroker is a tool that applies to most trading platforms, such as NinjaTrader 8 and Advanced Get. The speed, reliability, and diversity of its charts make its live data service fast and reliable.


The platform is data-driven and works with data from NSE and MCX. It has low-latency real-time data, so traders can compare the current price and volume of a particular security or stock to the historical data.


It will accommodate up to 225 symbols per segment. It also works with different data formats, like forex, indices, and commodities. All the functions that are present in AmiBroker will allow you to trade with confidence.


With Amibroker, you can obtain the data without charge from the NSE or NASDAQ, as well as for stock or ETF trading.


The data is in real-time, there is a 6-month backfill, and you do not need to go anywhere. It can be used from home or office. 


This software is perfectly compatible with trading terminals, including LTP. This trading software is the perfect option for new traders.


Benefits Of Using Amibroker Live Chart: Benefits Of Using Amibroker Live Data Feed: 

The software offers a wide range of features. Such as follows,


  • The Amibroker data feed lets you have real-time data on any symbol on the NSE.
  • The software is accepted by all the major exchanges in the world, India included, and many other countries.
  • Unlike other types of software, however, AmiBroker is a highly valuable tool for investors. 
  • It is strongly advised for beginner traders who are seeking a dependable source of real-time data on a wide range of instruments. 
  • Also, you can set the preferences in AmiBroker to adjust the settings as you want.
  • You can define the parameters for your data and the defaults in AmiBroker. 
  • You can use a current or historic market to analyze the stock market, depending on whether you want to use a live or historic market. Amibroker is a great tool for that. 
  • Its default settings are the user’s favorite ones and are the most used by AmiBroker users. They are also a good source of knowledge for novices. 

To conclude, if you want to get Amibroker Live Data feed at a reasonable price, data feed from AmibrokerChart is the best option.

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