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Boost Trading: 100% Accurate Amibroker Data Feed Power

Boost Trading: 100% Accurate Amibroker Data Feed Power

Increase your chances of success with AmibrokerChart’s accurate Amibroker data feed to get live market data for better trading. Stay ahead effortlessly!

In the constantly changing environment of trading, information is the key factor and the more relevant and up-to-date it is, the better.

It is used by traders to make their decisions, identify trends, and implement their trading strategies.

An AmibrokerChart provides a good Amibroker data feed that enhances your trading experience.

This blog will explain how these data feeds operate, why they are useful, and how they can assist you in becoming a better trader. 


An Amibroker Data Feed 

An Amibroker data feed are real-time or historical data feed that is supplied to the Amibroker application.

Such data is stock prices, indices, futures, forex, and other related financial instruments.

This data is used by Amibroker, a powerful charting and technical analysis tool, to plot charts, backtest, and create trading signals. 

AmibrokerChart focuses on offering these data feeds for a reasonable price, so traders have all the information they need without overpaying. 


Advantages of Employing AmibrokerChart’s Data Feeds


  1. Accuracy and Reliability 

AmibrokerChart provides very good and reliable feed services to traders to get the latest and most accurate market data. This accuracy is important in ensuring that the right trading decisions are made and that any mistakes that could be made are kept to a minimum. 


  1. Affordability 

Another thing that can be said about AmibrokerChart is that it is relatively cheap. Data feeds can be costly but AmibrokerChart offers them at a relatively cheaper price hence making it easy for traders of all classes to acquire them. 


  1. Ease of Use 

The data feeds of AmibrokerChart are easy to set up and use. The instructions are very clear and detailed and even if one has no prior experience, they can easily start using the data feeds and loading them into the Amibroker software. 


  1. Comprehensive Data Coverage 

AmibrokerChart applies to stocks, indices, futures, and forex markets. This feature enables the traders to employ various strategies and at the same time monitor several markets. 


  1. Real-Time and Historical Data 

AmibrokerChart offers current and past data to help traders test their strategies on historical data. Real-time data means that the traders can act on the changes that occur in the market. 


  1. Advanced Charting Capabilities 

With good-quality data feeds, Amibroker charting facilities are put to their best use. The data offered by AmibrokerChart is accurate, which enables traders to draw complex charts, add indicators, and design unique trading strategies. 


How to Integrate AmibrokerChart Data Feeds 


Importing AmibrokerChart data feeds into the Amibroker software is very easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started: Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started: 


  1. Sign Up for AmibrokerChart 

Go to the AmibrokerChart website and create an account with a plan that will be most appropriate for your trading style. 


  1. Get the Data Feed Software 

After subscribing, download the data feed software which is available on the website of AmibrokerChart. 


  1. Install and Configure 

Download the software on your computer and run the configuration to connect it to your Amibroker software. There are elaborate procedures on how to go about this on the AmibrokerChart website to help you. 


  1. Start Receiving Data 

Once the configuration is done, begin to receive real-time and historical data feeds into your Amibroker software. This data can now be used to plot charts, perform backtests, and trade using the developed strategies. 


Enhancing Your Trading Strategies 


With AmibrokerChart’s reliable data feeds, traders can enhance their trading strategies in several ways: With AmibrokerChart’s reliable data feeds, traders can enhance their trading strategies in several ways: 


  • Backtesting 

Historical data can be used to analyze the efficiency of trading strategies that are being developed. This enables you to fine-tune your strategies and their effectiveness before using them in live trading. 


  • Technical Analysis 

The use of accurate data feeds makes it easier to conduct technical analysis in the right manner. Use moving averages, RSI, MACD, and other technical tools to determine the trends of the market and make the right decisions on trading. 


  • Algorithmic Trading 

Algorithmic traders require accurate data feeds, and this is why it is important to have access to them. AmibrokerChart’s data guarantees that your algorithms are fed with the right information for efficient trading. 


  • Risk Management 

In risk management, accurate feeds are useful for managing the risks involved in the business. With correct market data, traders can then set the correct stop loss and take profit levels hence minimizing the large losses. 


  • Market Scanning 

Employ Amibroker’s scanning tools to find trades using actual information. AmibrokerChart’s data feeds allow you to scan for multiple markets and instruments at once, so you can never miss a trading opportunity. 


Customer Support and Resources 


AmibrokerChart offers its customers high-quality customer support. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you can access various resources, including Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you can access various resources, including: 


  • User Guides and Tutorials 

There are detailed user manuals and tutorials on the AmibrokerChart website to assist you in configuring the data feeds and getting the most out of them. 


  • Customer Support 

There is always customer support that can help with any problems or questions that a customer may have. You can reach them through email or via the support portal for immediate help. 


  • Community Forum 

Visit the AmibrokerChart community forum to meet other traders, discuss your strategies with them, and get their feedback. 



In the trading business, it is always important to have timely and accurate data feeds to enable one to make the right decisions. AmibrokerChart is a tool that offers traders all the necessary information about the market to improve their performance and make correct decisions. AmibrokerChart is a perfect tool for Amibroker traders because of its low cost, simplicity, and the fact that it covers many aspects of trading. 


With the help of AmibrokerChart’s data feeds, you can enhance your trading performance in technical analysis, backtesting, algorithmic trading, and risk management. Learn about the features and services of AmibrokerChart and get the best Amibroker data feed for your trading. 

Amibroker Data Feed: The Ultimate Guide

Amibroker Data Feed: The Ultimate Guide

AmiBroker is a very powerful tool and to get the most out of it, one needs a good data feed. It is a real-time and historical market data service that delivers market data to your AmiBroker environment, which powers your technical analysis and strategy creation. However, for newcomers, it is not very easy to work with the Amibroker data feed.


Not to worry! This guide will help you understand how to choose the right data feed for your trading.


What is an Amibroker data feed? 

An Amibroker data feed can be described as a real-time connection between the financial markets and your AmiBroker application. It constantly pulls and sends market data such as price, volume, and other factors for assets such as stocks, futures, and currencies. This real-time data enables you to monitor the market and its trends, find trading signals, and even test your strategies with the help of historical data. 


How to Set Up an Amibroker Data Feed?

Setting up an Amibroker data feed typically involves these steps

  • Choose a Data Feed Provider: There are many providers of Amibroker data feed and most of them have different prices and options. We will discuss the selection of the right provider in the subsequent section. 
  • Download and Install the Software: Many providers provide files that can be downloaded to link to AmiBroker and obtain data. 
  • Configure Settings: You will have to set up the software to define what kind of data you wish to be fed to you (stocks, options) and the time frame (real-time, historical). 
  • Connect to AmiBroker: After that, the software will create a link with AmiBroker through which the data will be automatically imported to your platform. 

The Various Categories of Amibroker data feed:

There are two main categories of Amibroker data feed: 

  • Real-time Data Feeds: These offer real-time market information with little or no latency which is important for active day traders who require to respond to market changes in real-time. 
  • Historical Data Feeds: These provide historical data for testing trading strategies and studying the market’s past performance. Some providers provide both real-time and historical data in a single package. 

Paid vs. Free Amibroker data feeds: The advantages and disadvantages of the situation 

Paid Data Feeds: 


  • Reliable and High-Quality Data: Paid feeds are usually more accurate and have less variation in data and there is usually little or no delay. 
  • Wider Range of Assets: Paid feeds are normally more diverse in the number of assets covered, including international markets and exotic instruments. 
  • Advanced Features: Some of the paid feeds offer extra services such as Level 2 data or news feeds. 
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Paid providers often provide customer support for any issues that may arise or for assistance in the installation process. 


  • Cost: Paid data feeds attract a fee that is charged either on a monthly or annual basis depending on the provider. 

Free Data Feeds: 


  • Cost-Effective: Free data feeds are suitable for newbies who want to start with a small capital. 


  • Limited Data: Free feeds may not cover all the assets, may not have historical data, and may be delayed. 
  • Lower Reliability: Free data feeds are likely to be less accurate and may be unavailable at times or contain errors. 
  • Limited Support: Free services rarely provide their customers with a dedicated support service. 

Choosing the Right Amibroker Data Feed:

The perfect Amibroker data feed varies with the trading strategy, experience, and capital that you have. Here are some factors to consider: 

  • Trading Needs: Day traders require data in the shortest possible time while swing traders may require data for backtesting. 
  • Data Requirements: Think about the particularities of the assets and data that you are going to use for your analysis (e.g., Level 2 data). 
  • Budget: Decide how much money you are willing to spend for a data feed subscription. 

Through this analysis, you will be in a position to choose the right Amibroker data feed that will fit your trading style. Therefore, explore the Amibroker data feeds, enhance your analysis, and unleash the potential of your trading strategies! 

Top 5 AmiBroker Data Feed AFLs For Profitable Trading

Top 5 AmiBroker Data Feed AFLs For Profitable Trading

Amibroker Data Feed makes trading easy. With our platform, you can do backtesting and real-time analysis.

All trading is about timing. You have to do what’s right at the right moment. Many traders analyze, buy, and sell shares individually, which is the most appropriate approach in my view. 

However, when trading was done manually, traders could only search and trade in a limited number of stocks. 

In sophisticated automated trading systems, for instance, Amibroker data feed assists traders in buying and selling at the right time for several stocks.

Amibroker Data Feed helps you automate trading strategies with simple but powerful software. 

This is especially used by professional traders who wish to trade in various shares, options, or commodities using accurate trading signals, trading regulations, and trading techniques.

This technical analysis program enables the user to set his parameters and rules for selecting, buying, and selling securities to make the most money.

In this post, the author will outline the five best NSE data feeds for Amibroker AFL trading and the pros and cons of using them.

If Amibrokerchart offers a reasonable Amibroker data feed.


How does Amibroker work?

AmiBroker is a technical analysis software with a trading system that employs algorithms for trading and is suitable for professional traders to identify and capitalize on stock market opportunities. 

Amibroker live data differs from other trading programs only by using the Amibroker Formula Language. 

By using Amibroker Formula Language, users can choose the right stocks and entry prices, stop losses, and exit points based on their trading experiences. 

Specialists and research organizations have also provided traders with advanced measurements and guidelines that can be used.

If you need an Amibroker Data Feed, then you should consider AmibrokerChart, the service provider of the data feed. They offer an amibroker data feed that is 99% accurate.Our uptime guarantee is 99.95%, and we have more than 1500 symbols for equities, futures, commodities, indices, currencies, and options.


Amibroker AFL: how does it work?

For instance, if you wish to enter a long position on a particular candlestick, ensure that the volume is high, the price is within the Bollinger bands, and the MACD line is bullish. Which stock can you find that satisfies all these?

Of course, you can do this manually by inserting charts and choosing the buying and selling points on your own, which may prove beneficial but is time-consuming. You have to do this manually for any stock that you can imagine in the market today.

Using AFL, you can type in a few lines, just like an Excel formula, and then apply the same formula to all the companies you want to analyze to find out which stocks are good.


The five best Amibroker data feed AFL for successful trading:

  • Candlestick Pattern AFL
  • Bollinger Fibonacci Bands AFL
  • The harmonic pattern and dynamic levels
  • Awesome Oscillator AFL
  • SuperTrend Indicator AFL

Below are the most popular Amibroker data feed formula languages that traders use.


  1. Candlestick Pattern AFL

It is easy to identify a specific candlestick pattern for a single stock, as illustrated in the above example. However, it is cumbersome to identify a candlestick pattern for many stocks at a time.

AFL is intended to immediately determine bullish or bearish signals for many stocks by searching for one of 35 known candlestick patterns with a single mouse click.

It is very useful for finding equities that are trending.

It helps predict when a trend will reversal.

It does not know where to enter, where to exit, or where to place the stop loss.

Other signs and symptoms should support this.


  1. Bollinger Fibonacci Bands AFL

A Bollinger band is one of the most widely used indicators for measuring overbought and oversold signals.

The breakout levels of Fibonacci Bands by Bollinger AFL are calculated based on the volatility of the stock. It assists the traders in determining whether the price is high or low as compared to the extreme values.

It may be used to identify buy and sell signals for longs and shorts, respectively, for the overbought and oversold levels.

There are no volume or trading pattern constraints; traders cannot use this to confirm a transaction.  The only thing it can do is identify trends.


  1. Harmonic Pattern and Dynamic Levels AFL

AFL swing trading is common among day traders, and it involves the use of harmonic patterns at dynamic levels. Most chart analysts use harmonic patterns to forecast buying and selling signals or expected stock reversals for many securities using historical feed data.

Even the most experienced traders have trouble identifying harmonic patterns. It identifies some of the basic harmonic patterns like Gartley, Bat, Butterfly, Crab, etc.

It is also helpful to look for very high probability reversal points for entry and exit in the stock.

There are too many patterns, and they might give opposite results.


  1. Awesome AFL oscillator

The Awesome Oscillator is a technical indicator that calculates the difference between the 34-day SMA and the 5-day SMA and then plots it as a bar graph. It offers a detailed look at the virtues and vices of a particular stock.

The Awesome Oscillator AFL helps traders confirm trends, strength of signals, and potential reversal points.

It can affirm a signal and decide whether a particular stock or trend is strong or weak.

But only when it’s used with other indicators and signals.


  1. SuperTrend Indicator (AFL)

The Super Trend AFL utilizes several indicators to generate one of the best intraday trading signals. The best trading signal is generated using the modified moving average of the price action indicator and intraday AFL.

It provides you with a current stop-loss price.

It offers three different goals.

It provides a pullback strategy for the intraday trading.

Trading this long-term isn’t a good idea.


What can AFL be used for?

The following are some of the benefits that one is likely to gain when using AmiBroker’s AFL: Here are a few examples: Here are a few examples: 


  • Less Human Interference: Traders can use several signs to verify a trend or receive notifications for their trades, thus minimizing errors during the visual inspection.
  • Better Risk/Reward Ratio: Stop loss and targets can be used to determine the risk-reward ratio before getting into a trade and this enhances the trader’s probability of making a profit.
  • Time-Saving: AFL is useful because traders do not have to analyze the stock; they can click, drag, and drop the analysis of the stock and the trading signals.
  • Multiple Stock Analysis: AFL allows traders to quickly analyze a large number of stocks and portfolios. Consequently, the probability of finding good trading opportunities increases.
  • The Advantages of Synergy: It is always wise to combine different trading signals, charts, and indicators to reduce the risks and build better trading strategies.


Using the above-listed AFL, you can choose one that fits your needs and technical analysis skills.

Moreover, using tick-by-tick data for amibroker Indicators will help you in managing the profit/loss ratio and minimize risk.

In the present day, there are hundreds of different Amibroker data provider AFL scripts available on the internet that traders can use to boost their market performance. 

These AFL scripts are mandatory for every trader, but one must know the strengths and weaknesses of the scripts before applying them in trading. Before you subscribe, you can get a free trial for Amibroker data feed from the Amibrokerchart.

The 10 Powerful Benefits Of Amibroker Data Feed

The 10 Powerful Benefits Of Amibroker Data Feed

Active traders and investors realize that access to quality data at a low cost is a critical factor in making the right choice. The Amibroker Data Feed is designed to give you a reliable, real-time market data stream with many advanced features, which will help you identify more trading opportunities.

The software allows you to keep tabs on streaming quotes, charting tools, news, and analytics, which makes the process of making an investment with a lot of depth very easy. 

In this post, We’ll show you why it’s essential for traders and investors. Come explore how this tool can transform your trading style!


Here are some of the top 10 benefits of using Amibroker Data Feed:

  1. Access to high-quality real-time market data: With Amibroker Data Feed you will always be in the know about market movements since it provides you with real-time quotes, charts, and news from over 100 exchanges globally. 
  1. Low-latency data: Amibroker Data Feed technology is well known for its low latency.  Therefore, it can provide you with accurate and prompt data that enables you to react quickly when markets are moving quickly. 
  1. Flexible subscription plans: You may select the subscription service that best suits your needs from a range of choices that include monthly or yearly subscriptions as well as pay-as-you-go plans, which require you to only pay for the services you use. 
  1. Easy setup: Opening an account is hassle-free and easy to understand.  No limitations on real-time and authentic data access is necessary. You can get access to a lot of information about the markets and particular shares via Amibroker Data Feed, which might lead you to make wiser choices that will probably help you make more money. This blog post is going to reveal the top 10 advantages of the Amibroker Data Feed and demonstrate to you why it is a vital instrument for any successful trader or investor. So let’s dive in!

Real-Time Data:

Real-time data is the biggest benefit of the Amibroker data feed. It enables you to make decisions on the basis of the latest information, which may yield substantial benefits over your competitors. 

Besides, real-time data is capable of notifying you of emerging trends and patterns in a prompt manner. Given that you have this information, you can change your strategies and tactics to achieve the maximum profit possible. 

Amibroker offers a package of other advantages, such as the ability to backtest your trading strategies, having access to exclusive market data, and being supported by an expert team. 


Ease of Use:

Amibroker is one of the most commonly used technical analysis software programs, if not the most popular one, and it is so for a reason. 

The program is very user-friendly, even for those who do not have a lot of computer skills. The interface is user-friendly, and navigation is a piece of cake.  

Furthermore, there are many helpful tutorials online that you can use as a reference if you need a little more guidance. 

The best thing about Amibroker is that it is not as expensive as some other products that you can find on the market, thus making it a very good choice for traders who do not want to spend too much money on their trading software. Features

With the help of Amibroker, you can choose from a wide range of features that make it a perfect choice for technical analysis. This package covers the most powerful charting with over 30 built-in indicators that allow you to do all the necessary customization and fit the strategy to your trading strategy.

Besides, it is worth mentioning that there is an impressive library of functions and formulas that can be used to create unique trading systems and alerts. 

Moreover, Amibroker also supports multiple data sources, which means that you will have the data necessary for you to make the right decisions. 


Customer Service:

The customer support given by Amibroker is perfect. The site has an FAQ part which is well-maintained and addresses a lot of questions that may be frequently asked. 

Furthermore, the team provides email support and a forum where users can post their questions and show off their trading experiences to other traders. 

To sum it up, there are different vendors who provide training on Amibroker to those interested in the advanced version. 

In short, Amibroker is a perfect solution for a novice trader or technical analyst who is searching for an easy-to-use technical analysis software program. It is easy to use, has many available features, and provides quality customer service. 

On the other hand, it is a low-cost option compared to others. If technical analysis is what you’re into, Amibroker is certainly a solution to consider. 


Customizable Interface: 

Amibroker is an extremely customizable platform that provides the user with the possibility to modify the interface to suit their unique requirements. This level of flexibility is what makes it the best option for traders, who need to have all the information and tools they need at their disposal as quickly as possible. 

Ambroker also has a variety of add-ons and plugins which are able to enhance its functionality in even greater ways. Data Feeds 

Amibroker is designed to ensure a high level of compatibility with a number of data feeds. This enables the users to receive market data in real-time from multiple sources, therefore, they are able to make more informed trades. 

Amibroker has the advantage of using the real time data feed from Bloomberg which is one of the most detailed and trustworthy financial information sources. 


Analysis Tools:

Amibroker has a package of analysis tools that are very powerful and can be used by traders to find out price patterns and make better trading decisions based on facts. 

Some of the tools these programs feature are backtesting, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and options analysis. The platform also features an advanced charting tool that gives traders an additional tool for in-depth market analytics.  


Real-Time Alerts:

Amibroker includes an alert system that alerts users in case some conditions occur in the markets being followed. The notifications can vary from stock or indices price movements to news of economic events or of companies. 

This may be a helpful tool to ensure that traders are up to date with market conditions and can act quickly on new chances. 


Technical Analysis:

  1. Technical analysis is a tool that helps to understand the past price patterns and identify market trends to make price predictions about the future market. 
  1. Technical analysis can be employed to identify those points when the market is in the position to be purchased and sold. 
  1. Technical analysis might be the tool that allows you to enter and exit the market at the right time as well as to set stop-loss and take-profit orders. 
  1. Technical analysis may also help to draw out possible support and resistance levels in the market. 
  1. The Amibroker data feed offers you the real-time data to perform technical analysis, which can help you to have an edge over other traders who are using the data with a delay. 


  1. A backtesting is a process of testing a trading strategy against historical data to see whether it would be profitable or not. 
  1. Amibroker Data Feed is a source of the data with the highest quality, accuracy, and reliability that is used for backtesting. 
  1. The back testing feature is used to improve and fine-tune the trading strategy and make it more efficient. 
  1. It does the same, however, in the sense that traders can develop their trading ideas and strategies and test them before entering them into the live market. 
  1. Testing on real data with Amibroker Data Feed is fast and easy, and can be done in any time frame or instrument. 
  1. By employing backtesting, traders can achieve a better chance of accomplishment and at the same time, their profits will be improved in the long run. 

Portfolio Management:

The process of portfolio management is to have an investment group as one investment. This will help you diversify your assets while enjoying the convenience of tracking your overall performance. 

Among many advantages of using Amibroker data feed in portfolio management is the fact that. Here are just a few:

  1. Get real-time quotes: Amibroker live data feed generates all the real-time quotes for the stocks in your portfolio. This way, you’ll know precisely what your positions are worth, irrespective of the market’s fluctuations. 
  1. Stay diversified: In addition to Amibroker data feed, there are also thousands of stock and ETFs info. This, in turn, makes it easier to create a healthy diversification portfolio that can be used to weather any market fluctuations. 
  1. Monitor your performance: With Amibroker data feed you can have the detailed information to monitor your portfolio performance. Thus, you can easily detect the shortcomings and take appropriate steps to rectify if required. 

Paper Trading:

The Amibroker data feed has many advantages that paper trading can benefit from. This is particularly advantageous since it allows you to assess your trading strategies in real-life conditions without really risking any real cash. This is the best way to shape your strategies and to test them before you invest any real money in them. 

The Amibroker data feed can be used to discover the problems with your strategies in advance before you employ them in live trading. This can take a big chunk of money from your pocket and spare you a lot of trouble by preventing you from making expensive mistakes. 

In addition to all that, information coming from Amibroker can give you insight into the market conditions and trends, which you may not be able to spot on your own. This knowledge can give you an advantage over other traders who may not have access to such data, hence guiding you for better and more informed decisions on when and how to trade. 

In conclusion, Amibroker data feed is an unbelievably powerful tool for any kind of paper trading. It can help you with getting valuable insights and improve your trading strategies so that you may start your trading with confidence. 


Live Streaming Quotes:

  1. Live streaming quotes: One of the best features of a live streaming quotes feed from Amibroker is the live streaming quotes feature. With this feature, you will get the current stock prices for all the companies in your portfolio in real time. This is a good method of tracking your investments and ensuring that you sell each stock at the highest price you can get. 
  1. Historical data: Another outstanding benefit of the historical data that Amibroker provides is the data feed. By this data you can go through your strategies and see how they would have worked in the past. This is a very useful tool that will help you devise better approaches and make better choices that will be very beneficial to you, now and in the future. 
  1. Technical analysis: Ambibroker data feed also supplies with the technical analysis tools that you can apply to pledge your stocks. With these instruments, you will be able to notice the trends and patterns that can help you make a better decision on investment. If you are in search of a trustworthy data feed service for amibroker at a reasonable cost, Amibroker Live Data is the right answer to your quest. 


In summary, Amibroker Data Feed is just the right thing any investor needs to get the most recent and correct information. 

Boasting incredible trading features such as real-time stock quotes streaming, backtesting capabilities, high-powered charting tools and a wide range of technical analysis options —Amibroker Data Feed is a complete solution for any trader who wants to up their game and become the best. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie trader or have been for a while and are now seeking more comprehensive data on stock movements, Amibroker Data Feed definitely deserves a place on your list. We are one of the top data feed providers in India with Amibroker. 

Powerful Benefits of Tick By Tick Data Feed for Amibroker

Powerful Benefits of Tick By Tick Data Feed for Amibroker

Amibrokerchart offers ultra-fast, tick by tick data feed for Amibroker. With real-time- time market updates, you can precise trading decisions.


All the active market segments are included in the Amibroker data feed, including equity, futures, commodities, currencies, and weekly put call options.


It also provides a backfill of up to 180 days, which means that you can trade any symbol you want. You may also choose to filter your feed to show only the most recent information.  


You can also decide to subscribe to a specific market segment as well. 


Livefeed is ideal for those who are active traders and would like to have an instant view of market trends to make decisions on the fly.


Amibrokerchart provides a real-time Tick by Tick Amibroker data feed with more than 1500 symbols, and the update frequency is 5 minutes. It is one of the rare Amibroker data feed providers that offers up to one year of historical data. 


For instance, you can use Amifeed’s option of 180 days of history, which you can subscribe to. However, it should be noted that Amibroker does not provide real-time data feeds to traders.


Amibrokerchart-Tick by Tick data feed for amibroker:


AmibrokerChart covers nearly all the exchanges in India, including NSE and MCX options.


It has features like multi-threaded execution and supports a refresh interval of 5 seconds. It also requires Microsoft. NET Framework Version 2.0 or higher. You can also set up the Amibroker data feeder to receive the data you need at the time the data is released. This is especially suitable for professional traders who want to invest in the stock market.


AmibrokerChart is the best real-time data feed service for Amibroker that provides real-time data feeds. 


It can provide livestock market information, options, and commodity data. The most attractive thing about it is that you will be able to pick any market segment you wish to operate in. 


There are many other charting options available for Amibroker users, but if we have to recommend new traders, AmibrokerChart is the best option. It can facilitate trading by making the process faster.


Amibroker data feeders support all trading instruments. It supports NSE and global equity stocks, futures, and Google. 


The feeds are generated in the database directory. In earlier versions, it was known as a workspace. 


The Livefeed app’s AmiBroker data feeder is a setup application that will only need to be run once and will enable you to get market information from your computer. Upon installation, it will generate a directory for you.


The Amibroker data feeder provides real-time market data from the NSE and the MCX. For a monthly fee of Rs 349, it will offer the actual price information of all segments and symbols in real time. 


Unlike other types of data feeders, it will not disrupt trading activities. It can even make it easier to analyze the market in the future because the data collected is raw and has not been distorted by any preconceived notions. 


Therefore, if you are searching for an Amibroker data feeder, you should consider using AmibrokerChart!


Amibroker Data Feed is a real-time data service for Amibroker. For Rs. 349, all segments are offered the Amibroker data feed. 


Amibroker data feed supports 1500+ symbols and is suitable for traders, which makes it the best option. 


From the Amibroker data feed, you can choose as many symbols as you want. It can be used with any Amibroker software that is currently in use on the market. It is also available for NSE futures and currency.


You can also use the Amibroker AFL button to forward your orders to different brokers at the same time. 


It provides support for multiple data providers. It has a buy-and-sell signal generator incorporated into it. It also supports AFL codes. It is user-friendly and it does not take long to learn how to operate it. 


It’s quite clear that the Alligator AFL video is capable of doing it all. C is a high-level programming language. It can generate signals for any market. It writes and updates real-time data to Amibroker.


It is quite clear that AFL is very helpful for traders and investors. It can offer an update on the international real gold price daily. 


It also enables you to trade by importing data from any other source. It is an essential tool for any trader who takes his or her business seriously. 


Therefore, if you wish to make money online, you should utilize the Amibroker data feeder. The tool is indeed very useful for any investor.


Real-time data for Amibroker is available through market data providers who are licensed to provide data. These vendors can provide display devices and data feed products. 


They get data from DotEx through leased lines and then preprocess the data on their servers. It can then be passed on to your client machines by these vendors. 


You can also get real-time data from the NSE through the NSE’s TAP server. This is the reason why it is necessary to have the most recent information available to you.


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