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Stochastic DSS Version

The Stochastic DSS Version indicator in Amibroker incorporates historical and real-time market data to calculate the Stochastic Double Smoothed (DSS) oscillator. This modified version aims to reduce noise and enhance the accuracy of traditional stochastic signals. By integrating Amibroker Data Feed, traders gain access to current market trends, enabling better utilization of the Stochastic DSS Version for identifying potential reversals or trends.

pds = Param("DSS Period", 10,3,250,1);
pdss = Param("Smoothing Period", 3,1,15,1);

denom1 = IIf(HHV(H,pds)-LLV(L,pds)>0, HHV(H,pds)-LLV(L,pds), 1);
P1 = EMA(((C-LLV(L,pds))/ denom1)*100,pdss);
denom2 = IIf(HHV(P1,pds)-LLV(P1,pds)>0, HHV(P1,pds)-LLV(P1,pds), 1);
DSS = EMA(((P1-LLV(P1,pds))/denom2)*100,pdss);

BlineShape = IIf(DSS >= 40 OR DSS<=20, shapeCircle, shapeNone);
BlineColor = IIf(DSS>=80, colorGreen, IIf(DSS<=20, colorRed, colorWhite));

PlotShapes(BlineShape, BlineColor, 0, DSS, 0);

Plot(DSS, "DSS("+pds+","+pdss+")", ParamColor("color", colorCycle ), ParamStyle("Style", styleThick) );

PlotGrid(20, colorLightGrey);
PlotGrid(40, colorLightGrey);
PlotGrid(80, colorLightGrey);

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