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Smoothed Stochastic

The Smoothed Stochastic indicator within Amibroker relies on historical and real-time market data. This tool smoothens out the regular stochastic oscillator, providing a clearer representation of price momentum. Integrated with Amibroker Data Feed, traders benefit from accurate and current market information, optimizing the use of the Smoothed Stochastic for analyzing potential trend shifts and overbought/oversold conditions.

pds = Param("DSS Period", 10,3,250,1);
pdss = Param("Smoothing Period", 3,1,15,1);

denom1 = IIf(HHV(H,pds)-LLV(L,pds)>0, HHV(H,pds)-LLV(L,pds), 1);
P1 = EMA(((C-LLV(L,pds))/ denom1)*100,pdss);
denom2 = IIf(HHV(P1,pds)-LLV(P1,pds)>0, HHV(P1,pds)-LLV(P1,pds), 1);
DSS = EMA(((P1-LLV(P1,pds))/denom2)*100,pdss);

//Color = IIf (DSS > 80, colorOrange, IIf(DSS < 20, colorLime, colorBlue));
//Plot(dss, "", Color, styleHistogram, styleNoLabel);

Plot(DSS, "DSS("+pds+","+pdss+")", ParamColor("color", colorCycle ), ParamStyle("Style", styleThick) );

PlotGrid(20, colorLightGrey);
PlotGrid(80, colorLightGrey);


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