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Oscillator Composite Average

Amibroker’s capabilities, with free data feeds, enable traders to build complex composite oscillator averages. By utilizing AFL code, traders can combine multiple oscillators to create a unique indicator that provides valuable insights into market momentum and trend direction, enhancing trading strategies.

_SECTION_BEGIN("Chande Momentum Oscillator Composite Average");
P = ParamField("Price field",-1);
UpDay = Sum((P-Ref(P,-1))*(P>Ref(P,-1)),5);
DownDay = Sum((Ref(P,-1)-P)*(P<Ref(P,-1)),5);
ChMomOcs = 100 * ((UpDay-DownDay)/(UpDay+DownDay));

UpDay1 = Sum((P-Ref(P,-1))*(P>Ref(P,-1)),10);
DownDay1 = Sum((Ref(P,-1)-P)*(P<Ref(P,-1)),10);
ChMomOcs1 = 100 * ((UpDay-DownDay)/(UpDay+DownDay));

UpDay2 = Sum((P-Ref(P,-1))*(P>Ref(P,-1)),20);
DownDay2 = Sum((Ref(P,-1)-P)*(P<Ref(P,-1)),20);
ChMomOcs2 = 100 * ((UpDay-DownDay)/(UpDay+DownDay));

CMOCA = (ChMomOcs+ChMomOcs1+ChMomOcs2)/3;

Plot(CMOCA,"CMO Composite Average", ParamColor( "Color", colorCycle ), ParamStyle("Style") );
Plot(EMA( CMOCA,9),"", colorLightBlue);
PlotGrid(50, colorLightGrey);
PlotGrid(0, colorLightGrey);
PlotGrid(-50, colorLightGrey);

"Overbought/oversold Conditions:"; 
"As a general rule an overbought level is at +50 and the oversold level at -50. At +50, up-day momentum is three times the down-day momentum; At -50, down-day momentum is three times the up-Day momentum.";
"Higher CMO values correspond to betting trendiness while lower values of CMO indicate a possible trading range.";

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