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Coloured Heikin Ashi

Amibroker users can leverage AFL code to create colored Heikin Ashi candlestick charts. The color coding of Heikin Ashi candles enhances the visual representation of trend direction, aiding traders in trend analysis and decision-making. Amibroker data feeder supplies the necessary historical price data for accurate Heikin Ashi charting.

_SECTION_BEGIN("coloured heinkin ashi");
HaC =EMA((O+C+H+L)/4,3); 
HaO = AMA( Ref( HaC, -1 ), 0.8 ); 
HaH = Max( H, Max( HaC, HaO ) ); 
HaL = Min( L, Min( HaC, HaO ) );

ehh=e1>e2 ; ell=e1<e2 ;
ri= (e1+e2)/2;Colri=IIf(ehh,colorBlue,colorRed);

PlotOHLC( HaO, HaH, HaL, HaC, "" + Name(), colcan, styleCandle | styleNoLabel );

//Plot(Ref(PH,1), "UpPivot", ParamColor("UpPivot Color",colorRed), ParamStyle("UpPivot Style", styleDashed));
//Plot(Ref(PL,1), "DownPivot",ParamColor("DownPivot Color",colorBlue), ParamStyle("DownPivot Style", styleDashed));

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