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Chande Trend Score

Developing the Chande Trend Score with Amibroker AFL and Amibroker Data Feeder allows traders to assess the strength and direction of a market trend. This indicator combines price data and trend analysis to provide valuable insights, helping traders make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies.

_SECTION_BEGIN("Chande's Trend Score");

//  I just found this code in a Visual Trader site and transfered it into AFL.

SmoothingPeriod = 5;


CTSM = WMA(CTS,SmoothingPeriod);
Histo = IIf(CTSM==10,5,IIf(CTS==-10,-5,Null)); 

Plot(CTSM, "CTSM", colorBlack, styleLine );
Plot(Histo, "", colorGreen, styleHistogram );


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