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Chaloke Stochastic

The Chaloke Stochastic is an Amibroker AFL that incorporates the Stochastic Oscillator to assess market momentum and generate buy/sell signals. Traders depend on Amibroker Data Feeder to obtain real-time price data, which is essential for implementing the Chaloke Stochastic strategy effectively. It enables traders to respond promptly to market developments by utilizing this powerful indicator.

_SECTION_BEGIN("Chaloke Stochastic");
 //Chaloke Stochastic/// 

x1= StochK(14 ,7 ) ; 
x2= TEMA(x1 ,5 ) ; 
x3= EMA(x2 ,5 ) ; 

Plot(x2, "Chaloke Stochastic" ,colorBlue,4); 

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