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CCT FibAccordion

CCT FibAccordion is a trading strategy that leverages Fibonacci retracement levels with free Amibroker data feed. By analyzing price movements and Fibonacci ratios, traders can identify potential reversal points and trends. The availability of free Amibroker data ensures that traders have access to accurate and current information for implementing the CCT FibAccordion strategy.

_SECTION_BEGIN("CCT FibAccordion");

//  Steve Karnish wrote:
//  "The FibAccordion is the difference between two moving averages that are
//  assigned fibonacci numbers. Try building your own by taking any two moving
//  averages with different fibonacci numbers and subtracting one from another
//  and plotting the results. Use either a simple or exponential average and
//  vary the fibonacci numbers until you build an oscillator that you are
//  comfortable with."

/* CCT FibAccordion
** Originally developed by Steve Karnish 
** http://www.cedarcreektrading.com
** AFL translation by Tomasz Janeczko
** Set scaling: Automatic
** Grid: Middle

Graph0= EMA( C,13 ) - EMA( C, 144 );

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