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CCI - Commodity Channel Index

The CCI (Commodity Channel Index) Amibroker AFL is a crucial tool for traders using Amibroker data. It calculates CCI, a momentum-based indicator, helping traders identify potential trend reversals and overbought or oversold conditions. By analyzing Amibroker data with CCI, traders can make informed decisions, enhancing their trading strategies.

Plot( CCI( 14 ), "CCI", colorRed, styleThick  );

Cc = CCI(14);
PlotOHLC( Cc,Cc,80,Cc, "", IIf( Cc > 0, colorGreen, colorRed ), styleCloud | styleClipMinMax, -80, 80 ); 

Buy = Cross(Cc,80);

Sell = Cross(-80,Cc);

//PlotShapes (Buy*shapeUpArrow,colorRed);
//PlotShapes (Sell*shapeDownArrow,colorRed);

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