Monday – Friday : 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Candlestick V2

The Candlestick V2 AFL can be paired with a free Amibroker data feed to provide traders with valuable candlestick insights. By utilizing free Amibroker data, this indicator helps traders spot and interpret candlestick patterns effectively. Access to reliable Amibroker data ensures that traders have the necessary information for informed decision-making.


Plot (MA(C,5),"",IIf(MA(C,5) > Ref(MA(C,5),-1),colorAqua,colorBrown),styleThick);
Plot (C, "", IIf(PDI() > MDI(),colorGreen,colorRed),styleCandle);
Plot (EMA(C,13),"",IIf(EMA(C,13) > Ref(EMA(C,13),-1),colorBrightGreen,colorRed),styleDashed);

/*Body Colors*/

/*Body Size*/
smallBodyMaximum=0.0025;//less than 0.25%
LargeBodyMinimum=0.01;//greater than 1.0%
smallBody=(O>=C*(1-smallBodyMaximum) AND whiteBody) 
         OR (C>=O*(1-smallBodyMaximum) AND blackBody);
largeBody=(C>=O*(1+largeBodyMinimum) AND whiteBody) 
         OR C<=O*(1-largeBodyMinimum) AND blackBody;
mediumBody=NOT LargeBody AND NOT smallBody;
identicalBodies=abs(abs(Ref(O,-1)-Ref(C,-1))-abs(O-C)) < 

smallUpperShadow=(whiteBody AND H<=C*(1+smallBodyMaximum))
               OR (blackBody AND H<=O*(1+smallBodyMaximum));
smallLowerShadow=(whiteBody AND L>=O*(1-smallBodyMaximum)) 
               OR (blackBody AND L>=C*(1-smallBodyMaximum));
largeUpperShadow=(whiteBody AND H>=C*(1+largeBodyMinimum)) 
               OR (blackBody AND H>=O*(1+largeBodyMinimum));
largeLowerShadow=(whiteBody AND L<=O*(1-largeBodyMinimum)) 
              OR (blackBody AND L<=C*(1-largeBodyMinimum));

upGap=  IIf(Ref(blackBody,-1)AND whiteBody AND O>Ref(O,-1),1,
        IIf(Ref(blackbody,-1) AND blackBody AND C>Ref(O,-1),1,
        IIf(Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND whiteBody AND O>Ref(C,-1),1,
        IIf(Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND blackBody AND C>Ref(C,-1),1,0))));

downGap=IIf(Ref(blackBody,-1)AND whiteBody AND C<Ref(C,-1),1,
        IIf(Ref(blackbody,-1) AND blackBody AND O<Ref(C,-1),1,
        IIf(Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND whiteBody AND C<Ref(O,-1),1,
        IIf(Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND blackBody AND O<Ref(O,-1),1,0))));

/*Candle Definitions*/
doji=CdDoji(threshold=0.05);/*abs(C-O) <= (C*smallBodyMaximum) OR
dojiStar=doji AND (upgap OR downgap)AND Ref(LargeBody,-1);
marabuzu=LargeBody AND smallUpperShadow AND smallLowerShadow;

shootingStar=/*(NOT largeBody AND smallLowerShadow AND LargeUpperShadow) OR*/
    smallLowerShadow AND NOT doji AND
   ((blackBody AND abs(O-H)>2*realBodySize) OR
   (whiteBody AND abs(H-C)>2*realBodySize));

Hammer=smallUpperShadow AND NOT doji AND
   ((blackBody AND abs(C-L)>2*realBodySize) OR
   (whiteBody AND abs(L-O)>2*realBodySize));

   IIf(blackBody AND Ref(blackbody,-1) AND C<Ref(C,-1) AND O>Ref(O,-1),1,
   IIf(blackBody AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND O>Ref(C,-1) AND C<Ref(O,-1),1,
   IIf(whitebody AND Ref(whitebody,-1) AND C>Ref(C,-1) AND O<Ref(O,-1),1,
   IIf(whiteBody AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND C>Ref(O,-1)AND O<Ref(C,-1),1,0))));
   IIf(blackbody AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND O<Ref(O,-1) AND C>Ref(C,-1),1,
   IIf(blackBody AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND C>Ref(O,-1) AND O<Ref(C,-1),1,
   IIf(whiteBody AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND C<Ref(C,-1) AND O>Ref(O,-1),1,
   IIf(whiteBody AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND O>Ref(C,-1) AND

/*Maximum High Today - (MHT)
Today is the maximum High in the last 5 days*/
MHT=  HHV(H,5)==H;

/*Maximum High Yesterday - (MHY)
Yesterday is the maximum High in the last 5 days*/
MHY=   HHV(H,5)==Ref ( H, -1);

/*Minimum Low Today - (MLT)
Today is the minimum Low in the last 5 days*/
MLT=   LLV(L,5)==L;

/*Minimum Low Yesterday - (MLY)
Yesterday is the minimum Low in the last 5 days*/
MLY=   LLV(L,5)==Ref(L,-1);

/*DOJI definitions*/

/*Doji Today - (DT)*/
DT = abs(C-O) <= (C*smallBodyMaximum) OR

/* Doji Yesterday - (DY)*/
DY = abs(Ref ( C, -1)-Ref(O,-1)) <= Ref ( C, -1) *smallBodyMaximum OR
abs (Ref ( O, -1)-Ref(C,-1)) <= (Ref ( H, -1 ) - Ref ( L, -1 ) )*0.1;

*************************************************** */

/* Abandoned Baby Bullish*/
abandonedBabybullish =Ref(largeBody,-2) AND Ref(blackBody,-2)//Large black candle
             AND Ref(GapDown(),-1)  
             AND whiteBody AND LargeBody AND GapUp();//Large white candle

/* Belt Hold*///Bad formula
beltHoldBullish = largeBody AND smallLowerShadow AND whiteBody AND MLT;

/*BreakAway Bullish*/
breakAwayBullish=Ref(Largebody,-4) AND Ref(blackBody,-4)
              AND Ref(blackBody,-3) AND Ref(O,-3)<Ref(C,-4)
              AND Ref(smallbody,-2) AND Ref(C,-2)<Ref(C,-3)
              AND Ref(C,-1)<Ref(C,-2)
              AND LargeBody AND whiteBody AND C>Ref(O, -3) 
              AND C<Ref(C,-4);

/*Concealing Baby Swallow only one trade */
ConcealingBabySwallow=Ref(marabuzu,-3) AND Ref(blackbody,-3) AND
                      Ref(MArabuzu,-2) AND Ref(blackBody,-2) AND
                      Ref(blackBody,-1) AND Ref(downGap,-1) AND 
                      Ref(H,-1)>Ref(C,-2)AND Ref(blackbody,-1)AND 
                      blackBody AND engulfing;

/*Doji Star Bullish*/
dojiStarBullish=(dojiStar AND (MLT OR MLY))OR 
   (doji AND (C<Ref(C,-1) OR O<Ref(C,-1))AND Ref(blackBody,-1)
    AND Ref(LargeBody,-1));

/*Engulfing Bullish*/   
engulfingBullish =
    engulfing AND largeBody AND whiteBody AND 
    (Ref(blackbody,-1) OR Ref(Doji,-1)) AND MLT;

/*Hammer Bullish*/
hammerBullish=Hammer AND (MLT OR MLY);

/*Dragonfly Doji Bullish*/
dragonflyDoji=smallBody AND LargeLowerShadow AND smallUpperShadow AND MLT;

/* Harami Bullish*/
haramiBullish = harami AND Ref (LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND
                NOT LargeBody AND whiteBody;

/*Harami Cross*/
HaramiCross=harami AND Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND doji; 
/* Homing Pigeon*/
homingPigeon =  Ref(largeBody,-1) AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND
                H<= Ref ( O, -1 ) AND L>=Ref( C, -1) AND C<O AND MLY;

/*Inverted Hammer*/
invertedHammer=shootingStar AND (MLT OR MLY);

/* Meeting LinesBullish*/
meetingLinesbullish= Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND
                     LargeBody AND whiteBody AND
                     C>Ref(C,-1)*0.9975 AND C< Ref(C,-1)*1.0025;

/*Morning Doji Star*/
morningDojiStar= Ref(LargeBody,-2) AND Ref(blackBody,-2) AND
                 Ref(doji,-1) AND Ref(O,-1)<Ref(C,-2) AND
                 whiteBody AND C>Ref(C,-2) AND MLY;

/* Morning Star*/
morningStar =Ref(largeBody,-2) AND Ref(blackBody,-2)//Large black candle 
             AND Ref(downGap,-1)//Gap down yesterday
             AND whiteBody AND LargeBody AND C>Ref(C,-2)//Large white candle today
             AND MLY; //Yesterday was the low

/* Piercing Line*/
piercingLine= Ref(largeBody,-1) AND Ref(blackBody,-1)AND
               O<Ref(L,-1) AND C>=(Ref(O,-1)+Ref(C,-1))/2 AND C<Ref(O,-1) AND

/* Stick Sandwich*/
stickSandwich=Ref(largeBody,-2) AND Ref(blackbody,-2) AND 
              Ref(largeBody,-1) AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND
              Ref(O,-1)>=Ref(C,-2) AND O>=Ref(C,-1) AND

/*Three Inside Up harami confirming*/
threeInsideUp =Ref(Haramibullish,-1) AND whiteBody AND 
    largeBody AND C>Ref(C,-1);

/* Three Outside Up Engulfing confirmation*/
threeOutsideUp =Ref(engulfingBullish,-1) AND whiteBody AND C>Ref(C,-1);

/* Three Stars in the South*///Rewrite???
   Ref(LargeBody,-2) AND Ref(blackBody,-2) AND Ref(largelowerShadow,-2)
   AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND Ref(largeLowerShadow,-1) AND 
   Ref(L,-1)>Ref(L,-2) AND blackBody AND smallUpperShadow AND
   smallLowerShadow AND L>Ref(L,-1) AND H<Ref(H,-1);

/* Tri-Star Bullish*/
triStarBullish=Ref(doji,-2) AND Ref(doji,-1) AND doji AND MLY AND
   Ref(downgap,-1) AND upGap;

/* Three River Bottom Bad formula*/
threeriverBottom=Ref(largeBody,-2) AND Ref(blackBody,-2) AND
                 Ref(blackbody,-1) AND Ref(Largelowershadow,-1) AND
                 Ref(O,-1)<Ref(O,-2) AND Ref(C,-1)>Ref(C,-2) AND
                 whiteBody AND C<Ref(C,-1) AND MLY;   
/* Mat Hold Bullish*/
MAtHoldBullish=Ref(LargeBody,-4) AND Ref(whiteBody,-4)//1st day
   AND Ref(blackBody,-3) AND Ref(upGap,-3) AND NOT Ref(LargeBody,-3)
   AND NOT Ref(LargeBody,-2) AND Ref(C,-2)<Ref(C,-3) AND Ref (O,-2)<Ref(O,-3)
   Ref(C,-2)>Ref(O,-4) AND NOT Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(C,-1)<Ref(C,-2)
   AND LargeBody AND whiteBody AND C>Ref(C,-4); 

risingThreeMethods=Ref(LargeBody,-4) AND Ref(whiteBody,-4) AND NOT
  Ref(LargeBody,-3) AND NOT Ref(LargeBody,-2)AND NOT Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND
  Ref(C,-3)<Ref(C,-4) AND Ref(C,-2)<Ref(C,-3) AND Ref(C,-1)<Ref(C,-2) AND
  LargeBody AND whitebody AND C>Ref(C,-4);

/* Seperating Lines Bullish*/
separatingLinesBullish=Ref(blackBody,-1) AND whiteBody AND LargeBody AND
smallLowerShadow AND MHT AND abs(O-Ref(O,-1))<=O*0.0025;

/*Side by Side White Lines*/
sideBySideWhiteLines=NOT Ref(smallBody,-2) AND Ref(whiteBody,-2) 
   AND Ref(upGap,-1) AND Ref(whitebody,-1)AND whiteBody AND
   identicalBodies AND abs(O-Ref(O,-1))<O*0.0025;

/*Three White Soldiers*/
threeWhiteSoldiers=NOT Ref(smallbody,-2) AND Ref(whiteBody,-2) AND NOT
   Ref(smallBody,-1) AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND NOT
   smallBody AND whiteBody AND C>Ref(C,-1) AND Ref(C,-1)>Ref(C,-2) AND
   Ref(O,-1)>Ref(O,-2) AND Ref(O,-1)<Ref(C,-2) AND O<Ref(C,-1) AND
   O>Ref(O,-1) AND Ref(smallUpperShadow,-2) AND
   Ref(smallUpperShadow,-1) AND smallUppershadow AND LLV(L,12)==Ref(L,-2);

/*Upside Gap Three Methods not very good*/
upsideGapThreeMethods=Ref(Largebody,-2) AND Ref(whiteBody,-2) AND
   Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND Ref(upGap,-1) AND
   blackBody AND O>Ref(O,-1) AND C<Ref(C,-2)AND C>Ref(O,-2) AND 

/*Three Line Strike not good signals*/
threeLineStrike=NOT Ref(smallBody,-3) AND NOT Ref(smallBody,-2) AND 
   NOT Ref(smallBody,-1) AND Ref(whiteBody,-3) AND Ref(whiteBody,-2) AND
   Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND Ref(C,-1)>Ref(C,-2) AND Ref(C,-2)>Ref(C,-3) AND
   blackBody AND O>Ref(C,-1) AND C<Ref(O,-3);

/*Tweezer Bottom*/
tweezerBottom= (abs(L-Ref(L,-1))/L<0.0025 OR
               AND (MLT OR MLY); 

/*Upside Tasuki Gap*/
upsideTasukiGap=Ref(largeBody,-2) AND Ref(largeBody,1) AND
   Ref(whiteBody,-2) AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND Ref(upGap,-1) AND
   blackBody AND O>Ref(O,-1) AND C<Ref(O,-1) AND C>Ref(C,-2) AND
   identicalBodies AND O<Ref(C,-1);
   //AND HHV(H,5)==Ref(H,-1); Do not use this line


/*Abandoned Baby Bearish*/
AbandonedBabyBearish=Ref(LargeBody,-2) AND Ref(whiteBody,-2) AND
   Ref(smallBody,-1) AND Ref(GapUp(),-1) AND GapDown() AND 
   NOT smallBody AND blackBody AND MHY;

/*Advance Block Bearish*/
AdvanceBlockBearish=Ref(LargeBody,-2) AND Ref(whiteBody,-2) 
    AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND
   whiteBody AND Ref(O,-1)>Ref(O,-2) AND Ref(O,-1)<Ref(C,-2) AND
   Ref(C,-1)>Ref(C,-2) AND C>Ref(C,-1) AND
   O<Ref(C,-1) AND O>Ref(O,-1) AND Ref(LargeUpperShadow,-1) AND
   AND C-O<Ref(C,-1)-Ref(O,-1) AND Ref(C,-1)-Ref(O,-1) < Ref(C,-2)-Ref(O,-2);

/*Belt Hold Bearish*/
beltHoldBearish=LargeBody AND BlackBody AND smalluppershadow AND MHT;

/*Breakaway Bearish*/
breakAwayBearish=Ref(LargeBody,-4) AND Ref(whiteBody,-4) AND
   Ref(GapUp(),-3) AND Ref(whiteBody,-3) AND 
   Ref(smallbody,-2) AND Ref(smallBody,-1) AND
   blackBody AND O>Ref(O,-3) AND C<Ref(C,-4);

/*Dark Cloud Cover*/
darkCloudCover=Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND
   blackBody AND O>Ref(H,-1) AND C>Ref(O,-1) AND C<(Ref(O,-1)+Ref(C,-1))/2

/*Deliberation Bearish: needs confirmation*/
deliberationBearish=Ref(LargeBody,-2) AND Ref(whiteBody,-2) AND
   Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND Ref(C,-1)>Ref(C,-2) AND
   smallbody AND upGap;

CounterAttackBearish=MHT AND LargeBody AND blackbody AND
   Ref(largeBody,-1) AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND
   C<Ref(C,-1)*1.0025 AND C>Ref(C,-1)*0.9975;;

/*Doji Star Bearish*/
dojiStarBearish=(dojiStar AND (MHT OR MHY))OR 
   (doji AND (C>Ref(C,-1) OR O>Ref(C,-1))AND Ref(whiteBody,-1)
    AND Ref(LargeBody,-1));

/*Engulfing Bearish*/
engulfingBearish=engulfing AND largeBody AND blackBody AND 
    (Ref(whitebody,-1) OR Ref(Doji,-1))AND (MHT OR MHY);

/*Evening Doji Star check formula???*/
eveningDojiStar=Ref(LargeBody,-2) AND Ref(whiteBody,-2) AND
   Ref(dojiStar,-1) AND Ref(GapUp(),-1) AND (MHY OR MHT);

/*Evening Star*/
eveningStar=Ref(LargeBody,-2) AND Ref(whiteBody,-2) AND
   Ref(upGap,-1) AND NOT Ref(largeBody,-1) AND blackBody AND NOT smallBody AND
   (MHT OR MHY);

/*Hammer Bearish*/
HammerBearish=Hammer AND HHV(H,8)==H;

HangingMan=NOT largeBody AND smallUpperShadow AND LargeLowerShadow AND MHT;

/*dragonfly Doji Bearish*/
dragonflyDojiBearish=doji AND smallUpperShadow AND LargeLowerShadow AND MHT;
/*Harami Bearish-*/
HaramiBearish=harami AND Ref(Largebody,-1) AND Ref(whiteBody,-1)AND blackBody 

/*HaramiCross Bearish*/
HaramiCrossBearish=harami AND doji AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND

/*Identical three black crows*/
idendicalThreeBlackCrows=Ref(blackBody,-2) AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND blackBody
   abs(Ref(C,-2)-Ref(O,-1))<Ref(C,-1)*0.0025 AND abs(Ref(C,-1)-O)<O*0.0025 AND
   HHV(H,20)==Ref(H,-2) AND NOT Ref(doji,-2) AND NOT Ref(doji,-1) AND NOT doji
   Ref(smallLowerShadow,-2) AND Ref(smallLowerShadow,-1) AND smallLowerShadow;

/*Kicking Bearish No trades*/
kickingBearish=Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND Ref(MArabuzu,-1) AND blackBody AND
MArabuzu    AND GapDown();

/*Meeting Lines Bearish*/
MeetingLinesBearish=Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND
  HHV(C,8)==Ref(C,-1) AND LargeBody AND blackBody AND 

shootingStarGap=shootingStar AND GapUp() AND MHT;

/*Gravestone Doji*/
gravestoneDoji=doji AND largeUpperShadow AND smallLowerShadow AND GapUp()AND

/*Three Inside Down Bearish*/
threeInsideDownBearish=Ref(HaramiBearish,-1) AND blackBody AND C<Ref(C,-1)AND  

/*Three Outside Down Bearish*/
threeoutsideDownBearish=Ref(engulfingBearish,-1) AND blackBody AND
   NOT LargeUpperShadow;

/*Tri Star Bearish*/
triStarBearish=Ref(doji,-2) AND Ref(doji,-1) AND doji AND MHY AND
Ref(upGap,-1)AND    downGap;

/*Two Crows Bearish*/
twoCrows=Ref(whiteBody,-2) AND Ref(LargeBody,-2) //first day
   AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND Ref(upGap,-1)//Second Day
   AND blackBody AND O<Ref(O,-1) AND O>Ref(C,-1)AND C<Ref(C,-2) AND 
   C>Ref(O,-2) AND MHY;//Third day

/*Upside Gap Two Crows*/
upsideGapTwoCrows= Ref(whiteBody,-2) AND Ref(LargeBody,-2)// first day
   AND Ref(upGap,-1) AND Ref(blackBody,-1) // 2nd day
   AND blackbody AND O>Ref(O,-1) AND C<Ref(C,-1) AND C>Ref(C,-2);

/*Doji Star Bearish needs confirmation
dojiStarBearish=Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) // first day
   AND doji AND upGap AND MHT;*/

/* Downside Gap Three Methods*/
     Ref(LargeBody,-2) AND Ref(blackBody,-2) AND Ref(downGap,-2) //first day
     AND Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(blackBody,-1)//2nd day
     AND whitebody AND O<Ref(O,-1) AND C>Ref(C,-2)
     AND LLV(L,8)==Ref(L,-1);

/*Downside Tasuki Gap*/
   Ref(blackBody,-2)//first day
   AND Ref(blackbody,-1) AND Ref(downgap,-1) //2nd day
   AND whiteBody AND O<Ref(O,-1) AND O>Ref(C,-1) AND C>Ref(O,-1) AND
   AND Ref(identicalBodies,-1)                                                 
   AND LLV(L,15)==Ref(L,-1);

/*Falling Three Meothods*/
fallingThreeMethods=Ref(LargeBody,-4) AND Ref(blackBody,-4) AND
  /*Ref(doji,-3) AND Ref(doji,-2) AND Ref(doji,-1) AND*/ Ref(C,-1)>Ref(C,-2) 
  AND Ref(C,-2)>Ref(C,-3) AND LargeBody AND blackBody AND O>Ref(C,-4) AND
  O<Ref(O,-4) AND C<Ref(O,-4)AND C<Ref(C,-4);

/*In Neck Bearish not good*/
inNeckBearish=Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND
   whiteBody AND O<Ref(L,-1) AND C<Ref(C,-1)*1.0005 AND C>=Ref(C,-1);

/*On Neck Bearish not good*/
OnNeckBearish=Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND
   whiteBody AND O<Ref(L,-1) AND C<Ref(L,-1)*1.0025 AND C>=Ref(L,-1)*0.9975;

/*separating Lines Bearish*/
separatingLinesBearish=Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND
   blackBody AND O>Ref(O,-1)*0.9975 AND O<=Ref(O,-1)*1.0025;

/*Side By Side White Lines Bearish*/
sideBySideWhiteLinesBearish=NOT Ref(smallBody,-2) AND Ref(blackBody,-2) AND  
   Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND whiteBody AND Ref(downGap,-1) AND identicalBodies
  AND abs(C-Ref(C,-1)<C*0.0025);

/*Three Black Crows*/
threeBlackCrows=Ref(blackBody,-2) AND Ref(blackBody,-1) AND blackBody  AND
Ref(C,-1)<Ref(C,-2) AND C<Ref(C,-1) AND HHV(H,8)==Ref(H,-2) AND NOT Ref(doji,-2)
AND NOT Ref(doji,-1) AND NOT doji;;
/*Three Line Strike no trades*/
threeLineStrike=threeBlackCrows AND whiteBody AND O<Ref(C,-1) AND C>Ref(O,-3);

/*Thrusting Bearish*/
thrustingBearish=Ref(blackBody,-1) AND Ref(LargeBody,-1) AND LargeBody AND
   whitebody AND O<Ref(L,-1) AND C<(Ref(O,-1)+Ref(C,-1))/2 AND C>Ref(C,-1);

/*Tweezer Top*/
tweezerTop= (abs(H-Ref(H,-1))/H<0.0025 OR
               AND (MHT OR MHY); 

/* ***********************************************
                  Buy Rules
abandonedBabybullish OR
beltHoldBullish OR
breakAwayBullish OR
ConcealingBabySwallow OR 
engulfingBullish OR
hammerBullish OR
dragonflyDoji OR
dojiStarBullish OR
haramiBullish OR
HaramiCross OR
homingPigeon OR
invertedHammer OR
meetingLinesbullish OR
morningDojiStar OR
morningStar OR
piercingLine OR
stickSandwich OR
threeInsideUp OR
threeOutsideUp OR
threeStarsInTheSouth OR   
triStarBullish OR
threeriverBottom OR
MAtHoldBullish OR
risingThreeMethods OR
separatingLinesBullish OR
sideBySideWhiteLines OR
threeWhiteSoldiers OR
upsideGapThreeMethods OR
threeLineStrike OR
tweezerBottom OR

                    Sell Rules
AbandonedBabyBearish OR
advanceBlockBearish OR
beltHoldBearish OR
breakAwayBearish OR
darkCloudCover OR
deliberationBearish OR
CounterAttackBearish OR
engulfingBearish OR
eveningDojiStar OR
eveningStar OR
HangingMan OR
dragonflyDojiBearish OR
HammerBearish OR
HaramiBearish OR
HaramiCrossBearish OR
idendicalThreeBlackCrows OR
kickingBearish OR
MeetingLinesBearish OR
shootingStarGap OR
gravestoneDoji OR
threeInsideDownBearish OR
threeoutsideDownBearish OR
triStarBearish OR
twoCrows OR
upsideGapTwoCrows OR
dojiStarBearish OR
downsideGapThreeMethods OR
downsideTasukiGap OR
fallingThreeMethods OR
inNeckBearish OR
OnNeckBearish OR
separatingLinesBearish OR
sideBySideWhiteLinesBearish OR
threeBlackCrows OR
threeLineStrike OR
thrustingBearish OR

DayH = TimeFrameGetPrice("H", in15Minute*2, -1);// yesterdays high 
DayL = TimeFrameGetPrice("L", in15Minute*2, -1);//low 
DayC = TimeFrameGetPrice("C", in15Minute*2, -1);//close
DayO = TimeFrameGetPrice("O", in15Minute*2 );//open today
R6 = (DayH / DayL) * DayC * 1.002;
R5 = (DayH / DayL) * DayC;
R4 = (((DayH / DayL) + 0.83) / 1.83) * DayC;
R3 = ( ( (DayH / DayL) + 2.66) / 3.66) * DayC;
R2 = ( ( (DayH / DayL) + 4.5) / 5.5) * DayC;
R1 = ( ( (DayH / DayL) + 10) / 11) * DayC;
S1 = (2- ( ( (DayH / DayL) + 10) / 11)) * DayC;
S2 = (2-( (DayH / DayL) + 4.5) / 5.5) * DayC;
S3 = (2-(( DayH / DayL) + 2.66) / 3.66) * DayC;
S4 = (2-( (DayH / DayL) + 0.83) / 1.83) * DayC;
S5 = (2-( DayH / DayL)) * DayC;
S6 = (2-( DayH / DayL)) * DayC * 0.998;

//Plot(s3, "", colorGreen,styleThick+styleDashed);
//Plot(s4, "", colorGreen,styleThick+styleDashed);
//Plot(r3, "", colorRed,styleThick+styleDashed);
//Plot(r4, "", colorRed,styleThick+styleDashed); 

pivot = (DayH+DayL+DayC)/3;
NW = pivot;
J = MA(Close,3);
piv = (H+L+C)/3;
Title = EncodeColor(colorWhite)+ "LINKON's 30M trading" + " - " +  Name() + " - " + EncodeColor(colorRed)+ Interval(2) + EncodeColor(colorWhite) +
 "  - " + Date() +

WriteIf(H > Ref(H,-1),EncodeColor(colorBrightGreen),EncodeColor(colorRed))+"              Hi "+H+"\n"+ 
EncodeColor(colorWhite)+"Op "+O+EncodeColor(colorAqua)+" Cl : " +C+"\n"+
WriteIf(L < Ref(L,-1),EncodeColor(colorRed),EncodeColor(colorBrightGreen))+"              Lo "+L+

//WriteIf (Buy ,EncodeColor(colorGreen)+ " GO LONG / Reverse Signal at "+C+"  ","")+
//WriteIf (Sell ,EncodeColor(colorRed)+ " EXIT LONG / Reverse Signal at "+C+"  ","")+"\n"+EncodeColor(colorWhite)+
//WriteIf(Sell , EncodeColor(colorRed)+"Total Profit/Loss for the Last Trade Rs."+round(C-BuyPrice)+"","")+
//WriteIf(Buy  ,EncodeColor(colorGreen)+ "Total Profit/Loss for the Last trade Rs."+round(SellPrice-C)+"","")+
//WriteIf(Long AND NOT Buy,EncodeColor(colorGreen)+ "Trade : Long - Entry price Rs."+(BuyPrice),"")+
//WriteIf(shrt AND NOT Sell,EncodeColor(colorRed)+ "Trade : Short - Entry price Rs."+(SellPrice),"")+"\n"+ 
//WriteIf(Long AND NOT Buy, EncodeColor(colorYellow)+"Current Profit/Loss Rs."+round(C-BuyPrice)+"\n Place SL at "+s4,"")+
//WriteIf(shrt AND NOT Sell,EncodeColor(colorYellow)+ "Current Profit/Loss Rs."+round(SellPrice-C)+"\n Place SL at "+R4,"")+
WriteIf(C > R6,EncodeColor(colorYellow)+"\n Price "+C,"")+
EncodeColor(colorDarkRed)+"\n H6  : "+R6+
WriteIf(C > R5 AND C < r6,EncodeColor(colorYellow)+" \n Price "+C,"")+
EncodeColor(colorDarkRed)+"\n H5  : "+R5+
WriteIf(C > R4 AND C < r5,EncodeColor(colorYellow)+" \n Price "+C,"")+
EncodeColor(colorRed)+"\n H4  : "+R4+
WriteIf(C > R3 AND C < r4,EncodeColor(colorYellow)+" \n Price "+C,"")+
EncodeColor(colorRed)+"\n H3  : "+R3+

WriteIf(C > s3 AND C < r3,EncodeColor(colorYellow)+" \n Price "+C,"")+
EncodeColor(colorBrightGreen)+"\n L3  : "+S3+
WriteIf(C > s4 AND C < s3,EncodeColor(colorYellow)+" \n Price "+C,"")+
EncodeColor(colorBrightGreen)+"\n L4  : "+S4+
WriteIf(C > s5 AND C < s4,EncodeColor(colorYellow)+" \n Price "+C,"")+
EncodeColor(colorDarkGreen)+"\n L5  : "+S5+
WriteIf(C > s6 AND C < s5,EncodeColor(colorYellow)+" \n Price "+C,"")+
EncodeColor(colorDarkGreen)+"\n L6  : "+S6+
WriteIf(C < s6,EncodeColor(colorYellow)+" \n Price "+C,"")+

//PlotShapes(IIf(Buy_again AND s4 = Ref(s4,-1), shapeUpArrow, shapeNone),colorWhite, 0,L, Offset=-45); 
//PlotShapes(IIf(Sell_again AND s4 = Ref(s4,-1), shapeDownArrow, shapeNone),colorWhite, 0,H, Offset=-45);
//PlotShapes(IIf(exit_long AND s4 = Ref(s4,-1), shapeDownArrow, shapeNone),colorWhite, 0,H, Offset=-45);
//PlotShapes(IIf(exit_short AND s4 = Ref(s4,-1), shapeUpArrow, shapeNone),colorWhite, 0,H, Offset=-45);

//PlotShapes(IIf(Buy, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorGreen, 0, L, Offset=-40);
//PlotShapes(IIf(Buy, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorLime, 0,L, Offset=-50);                      
//PlotShapes(IIf(Buy, shapeUpArrow, shapeNone),colorWhite, 0,L, Offset=-45); 
//PlotShapes(IIf(Sell, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorRed, 0, H, Offset=40);
//PlotShapes(IIf(Sell, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorOrange, 0,H, Offset=50);                      
//PlotShapes(IIf(Sell, shapeDownArrow, shapeNone),colorWhite, 0,H, Offset=-45);

WriteIf(abandonedBabybullish,"\n Abandoned Baby Bullish. \n A reversal pattern.\n reliability : High.","")+
//WriteIf(beltHoldBullish,"Belt Hold Bullish. A reversal pattern.\nNison:The larger the candlestick, the more significant it is.\nLitWick Reliability: Low.","")+
//WriteIf(breakAwayBullish,"Break Away Bullish.\n A reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(ConcealingBabySwallow,"\n Concealing Baby Swallow. \n A reversal pattern.\n reliability: High.","")+
WriteIf(dojiStarBullish,"\n Bullish doji Star. \n A reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(engulfingBullish,"\n Bullish Engulfing. \n a reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate","")+
WriteIf(hammerBullish,"\n Bullish Hammer. \n reversal pattern.  \n reliability: Low.","")+
WriteIf(dragonflyDoji,"\n Dragonfly Doji.  reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(haramiBullish, "\n Harami Bullish. \n reversal pattern.\n Pattern needs confirmation.\n Reliability: Low.","")+
WriteIf(HaramiCross,"\n Harami Cross. \n reversal pattern.\n Reliability: Low.","")+
//WriteIf(homingPigeon,"Homing Pigeon. A reversal pattern.\n reliability:moderate.","")+
WriteIf(invertedHammer,"\n Inverted Hammer. \n reversal pattern. \n Needs bullish verification. \n reliability: Low.","")+
//WriteIf(meetingLinesbullish,"Meeting Lines bullish. A reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(morningDojiStar,"\n Morning Doji Star. A reversal pattern.\n Important reversal Signal.\n reliability: High.","")+
WriteIf(morningStar,"\n Morning Star. A reversal pattern.\n The stronger the white third body the better.\n reliability: High.","")+
//WriteIf(piercingLine,"Piercing Line. A reversal pattern.\nNison: A strong reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(stickSandwich,"Stick Sandwich. A reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(threeInsideUp,"\n 3 Inside Up.\n  A reversal pattern.\n reliability: High.","")+
WriteIf(threeOutsideUp,"\n 3 Outside Up.\n  A reversal pattern.\n reliability: High.","")+
//WriteIf(threeStarsInTheSouth,"3 Stars in the South. A reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(triStarBullish,"Tri-Star Bullish. A reversal pattern.\nNison: Significant reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(threeriverBottom,"3 River Bottom. A reversal pattern.\nNison: Selling pressure drying up.\nLit Wick reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(MAtHoldBullish,"\n Mat Hold Bullish. \n  continuation pattern.\n May have 2-4 black candles.\n reliability: High. ","")+
WriteIf(risingThreeMethods,"\n Rising Three Methods. \n  continuation pattern \n  Better if Volume of white candle is greater than on black \n reliability: High.","")+
//WriteIf(separatingLinesBullish,"Separating Lines Bullish. A continuation pattern.\nNison:    \n reliability: Low.","")+
WriteIf(sideBySideWhiteLines,"\n Side by Side White Lines. \n  continuation pattern.\n if occurring during a downtrend may only be Short covering.\n reliability: High.","")+
WriteIf(threeWhiteSoldiers,"\n 3 White Soldiers. \n continuation pattern.\n reliability: High.","")+
//WriteIf(upsideGapThreeMethods,"Upside Gap 3 Methods. A continuation pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(threeLineStrike,"3 Line Strike. A continuation pattern.\n reliability: Low.","")+
//WriteIf(tweezerBottom,"Tweezer Bottom.a reversal pattern. With other reversal candles it could indicate a support level.\nNison: Needs confirmation.","")+
//WriteIf(upsideTasukiGap,"Upside Tasuki Gap. A continuation pattern.\nNison: the real bodies of the two candlesticks in the gap should be about the same size.\n reliability: moderate.","")+

                 Bearish Candles
WriteIf(AbandonedBabyBearish,"\n Abandoned Baby Bearish.\n Reversal pattern.\n Extremely rare.\n reliability: High.","")+
//WriteIf(advanceBlockBearish,"Advancing Block Bearish. A reversal pattern.\nNison: Rally is in trouble. Signs of weakening could be progressively smaller white read bodies OR relatibvely long upper shadows on the last two white candlesticks.Not necessarily a reversal pattern.\n Reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(beltHoldBearish,"Belt Hold Bearish. A reversal pattern.\nNison: The longer the height of the belt-Hold candle the more significant the pattern.\n reliability: Low.","")+
//WriteIf(breakAwayBearish,"Break Away Bearish. A reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(darkCloudCover,"\n Dark Cloud Cover. \n reversal pattern.\n Factors indicating the importance of this Signal are/n1)The greater the penetration of the first candle by the Second.\n2)Both candles are marabozus.\n3)The Second body opens above a major resistance level.\n4)High Volume on the Second Day.\n Reliability: High.","")+ 
//WriteIf(deliberationBearish,"Deliberation Bearish. A reversal pattern.\nNison: NOT a reversal pattern, but a sign the rally is weakening.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(CounterAttackBearish,"Counter Attack Bearish.\nNison: A potential stalling of the rally.","")+
WriteIf(engulfingBearish,"\n Engulfing Bearish. \n  reversal pattern.\n Major reversal Signal. \n Factors increasing patterns importance are\n1) The first Day has a very small real body AND the Second Day a very large real body.\n2) The pattern apears after a protracted OR very fast move.\n3) Heavy Volume on the Second Day.\n4) The Second Day engulfs more than one real body.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(eveningDojiStar,"\n Evening Doji Star \n  reversal pattern.\n Must be confirmed by long black candle.\n Reliability: High","")+
WriteIf(eveningStar,"\n Evening Star. \n Reversal pattern.\n Gap between Second AND third bodies does NOT always occur.\n reliability: High.","")+
WriteIf(HammerBearish,"\n Bearish Hammer. \n Reversal pattern.\n More bearish if hammer is black. \n  Needs bearish confirmation. \n  A large gap down on the following Day would be a good confirmation.","")+
WriteIf(HangingMan,"\n Hanging Man. \n  reversal pattern.\n a large gap down the following Day. \n reliability: Low.","")+
WriteIf(dragonflyDojiBearish,"\n Dragonfly Bearish. \n  reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(HaramiBearish,"Harami Bearish. A reversal pattern.\nNison: Not as significant a reversal pattern as hanging man OR engulfing.\n reliability: Low.","")+
WriteIf(HaramiCrossBearish,"\n Harami Cross Bearish. \n  reversal pattern.\n More significant reversal pattern than Harami.\n  Second Day can be white OR black.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(idendicalThreeBlackCrows,"\n Identical 3 Black Crows. A reversal pattern in an uptrend.\n Very bearish.\n reliability: High. ","")+
WriteIf(kickingBearish,"\n Kicking Bearish. \n  reversal pattern.\n reliability: High.","")+
//WriteIf(MeetingLinesBearish,"Meeting Lines Bearish. A reversal pattern.\nNison:  \n reliability: moderate, but NOT as strong as Dark cloud Cover.","")+
//WriteIf(shootingStarGap,"Shooting Star. a reversal pattern.\nNison:Not major reversal Signal as evening star. Ideally real body would gap away from previous body. Needs to appear after an uptrend.\n reliability: Low.","")+
WriteIf(gravestoneDoji,"\n Gravestone Doji \n  reversal pattern.\n more significant if it hits new High.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(threeInsideDownBearish,"\n 3 Inside Down. \n  reversal pattern.\n Reliability: High.","")+
WriteIf(threeoutsideDownBearish,"\n 3 Outside Down. \n  reversal pattern.\n reliability: High.","")+
//WriteIf(triStarBearish,"Tri-Star Bearish. A reversal pattern.\nNison: Very significant reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(twoCrows,"2 Crows A reversal pattern.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(upsideGapTwoCrows,"\n Upside Gap 2 Crows. \n  reversal pattern.\n Needs confirmation of a continued reversal on third Day.\n reliability: High.","")+
WriteIf(dojiStarBearish,"\n Doji Star Bearish. \n  reversal pattern.\n needs confirmation.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(downsideGapThreeMethods,"Downside Gap 3 Methods. A continuation pattern.\nNison: \n reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(downsideTasukiGap,"Downside Tasuki Gap. A continuation method.\NNison: if last Day closes window, continuation pattern is negated.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(fallingThreeMethods,"\n Falling 3 Methods. \n  continuation pattern.\n reliability: High.","")+
//WriteIf(inNeckBearish,"In Neck Bearish. A continuatin pattern.\nNison: Similar to piercing pattern but bearish because there is no penetration of Second Day.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(OnNeckBearish,"On Neck Bearish. A continuation pattern. Similar to piercing pattern but bearish beccause there is no penetration of the Second Day.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
//WriteIf(separatingLinesBearish,"Separating Lines Bearish","")+
//WriteIf(sideBySideWhiteLinesBearish,"Side by Side White Lines Bearish. A continuation pattern.\nNison: very rare.\n reliability: moderate.","")+
WriteIf(threeBlackCrows,"\n 3 Black Crows. \n  reversal pattern.\n Need to appear after a mature advance.\n reliability: High.","")
//WriteIf(threeLineStrike,"3 Line Strike. A continuation pattern.\n reliability: Low.","")+
//WriteIf(thrustingBearish,"Thrusting. A continuation pattern.\nNison: Not a reversal Day because Second Day does NOT pierce midpoint of first Day.\n reliability: Low.","")+
//WriteIf(tweezerTop,"Tweezer Top. A reversal pattern.\nNison: Needs confirmation.","");

               End Commentary

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