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Camarilla Pivot Line

The Camarilla Pivot Line AFL utilizes Amibroker data feeder to determine crucial pivot levels. Traders can plot these levels on their charts using Amibroker data, providing valuable insights into potential price reversals and breakouts. Accurate Amibroker data is essential for the effectiveness of this indicator.


TimeFrameSet( inDaily );

R5 = (H/L)*C;

R4 = (((H/L)+P1)/(1+P1))*C;

R3 = (((H/L)+(1+2*P1))/(2+2*P1))*C;

R2 = (((H/L)+(1+4*P1))/(2+4*P1))*C;

R1 = (((H/L)+(1+8*P1))/(2+8*P1))*C;

S5 = C - (R5-C);

S4 = C - (R4-C);

S3 = C - (R3-C);

S2 = C - (R2-C);

S1 = C - (R1-C);

TimeFrameRestore(); // restore time frame to original 

Plot(TimeFrameExpand(R1, inDaily),"R1",1,1);

Plot(TimeFrameExpand(R2, inDaily),"R2",2,1);

Plot(TimeFrameExpand(R3, inDaily),"R3",3,1);

Plot(TimeFrameExpand(R4, inDaily),"R4",4,1);

Plot(TimeFrameExpand(R5, inDaily),"R5",5,1);

Plot(TimeFrameExpand(S1, inDaily),"S1",1,1);

Plot(TimeFrameExpand(S2, inDaily),"S2",2,1);

Plot(TimeFrameExpand(S3, inDaily),"S3",3,1);

Plot(TimeFrameExpand(S4, inDaily),"S4",4,1);

Plot(TimeFrameExpand(S5, inDaily),"S5",5,1);

if( ParamToggle("Tooltip shows", "All Values|Only Prices" ) )
 ToolTip=StrFormat("Open: %g\nHigh:  %g\nLow:   %g\nClose:  %g (%.1f%%)\nVolume: "+NumToStr( V, 1 ), O, H, L, C, SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1 )));

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