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NVI, also known as the Negative Volume Index, is a technical indicator used in stock market analysis. It helps traders identify potential reversals by analyzing the relationship between volume and price movement. To utilize NVI effectively, traders often rely on Amibroker data feeder, which provides real-time and historical data for accurate analysis. Additionally, Amibroker AFL (AmiBroker Formula Language) allows users to create custom indicators and trading strategies based on NVI and other technical indicators. 


_SECTION_BEGIN("Bollinger Bands");
P = ParamField("Price field",-1);
Periods = Param("Periods", 15, 2, 300, 1 );
Width = Param("Width", 2, 0, 10, 0.05 );
Color = ParamColor("Color", colorCycle );
Style = ParamStyle("Style");
Plot( BBandTop( P, Periods, Width ), "BBTop" + _PARAM_VALUES(), Color, Style ); 
Plot( BBandBot( P, Periods, Width ), "BBBot" + _PARAM_VALUES(), Color, Style ); 

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