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Resistance Strength

Resistance Strength in AFL evaluates the robustness of resistance levels within a security’s price movement. An [AmiBroker data feeder] assists in incorporating external data to identify and analyze these resistance levels, aiding traders in decision-making.

/*The Saturation Indicator D_sat, by Dimitris Tsokakis, Dec 2002*/
CMO30=100*((Sum(IIf(C>Ref(C,-1),(C-Ref(C,-1)),0),P))-(Sum(IIf(CRef(C,-1),(C-Ref(C,-1)),0),P)+(Sum(IIf(C d_sat10;
down =Cross(d_sat10,d_sat5)OR d_sat10 > d_sat5;

//Plot( Close, "Price", colorBlue, styleCandle );
Plot( 100,   /* defines the height of the ribbon in percent of pane
width */
"Ribbon",IIf( up, colorGreen, IIf( down, colorRed, 0 )), /* choose color
styleOwnScale|styleArea|styleNoLabel, -0.5, 100 );

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