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Oscillator Modified

In AFL, an Oscillator Modified refers to a customized oscillating indicator derived from price data. By leveraging an [AmiBroker data feeder] to access external data, one can modify oscillators to suit specific trading strategies or preferences, enhancing their effectiveness in identifying overbought or oversold conditions.

_SECTION_BEGIN("Dahl Oscillator modified");

//  Modified formula from original DAHL(55) with 14 simple average. Used TEMA
//  instead of simple MA, added parameters and optimization. Good also for
//  trading system (as indicator to be used with 10 and 90 levels also)..

/*Dahl Oscillator TS modificato (TEMA)

p = Optimize("Period",P,3,25,1); 
q = Optimize("Q ",Q,20,36,2); 
//r = Optimize("R lookback",R,5,25,1); 
Av = Optimize("S Average",AV,2,30,2); 

Dahl = TEMA(	( M - Ref(M,-p)- LLV (M - Ref(M,-p),r) )/(HHV(M - Ref(M,-p),r)-(LLV(M - Ref(M,-p),r))),r)*100 ;

Buy = Cover = Cross (dahl, MA(Dahl,av));
Short = Sell = Cross (MA(Dahl,av), dahl);

//===========================end Dahl oscillator

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