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Options Rakesh

Options Rakesh, a term potentially linked with Amibroker AFL, likely refers to a specific strategy or approach developed by Rakesh, focusing on options trading. It might utilize Amibroker data feed to identify opportunities and optimize trades in the options market.

_SECTION_BEGIN("Unnamed 22");
/* Settings setup should have buy and sell at open with one day delay. I also
use a 3%
maximum stop loss. This code also plots the DMI Index in its own chart
pane. Note that I
have also provided a zero line for better viewing of the zero cross.*/ 
/* Exploration, System and Indicator 
Author rakesh kaushik
Email address: rakesh.kaushik25@ymail.com
sept 25, 2009 */


/* the following code is for the consolidation periods or better know
as the sleeping Alligator */

var3= 5;
var4= 3;
var0= Ref(Wilders(C,13),-8);
var1= Ref(Wilders(C,8),-5);
var2= Ref(Wilders(C,5),-3);
var5= MA((var0+var1+var2),var4) ;
angle=IIf( angle >90,angle-360,angle);
hope=IIf( angle <20 AND angle>-20,1,0);
cry=((StDev(C,var3*2) - Ref(Wilders(StDev(C,var3*2),8),-5))/

/* End of Sleeping Alligator which is an area of little or no volitlity or
price movement.*/

Graph0=SI; /* Spread Index */
Graph1=0; /* Provides a zero based line of blue color */ 

Buy=Cross(SI,0) ;
/* or PDI(14)>MDI(14) and ADX(14)>MDI(14) and (Hope and Cry)==0;*/
/* Having PDI and ADX and (Hope and Cry) does not test as well */
Sell=Cross(0,SI) OR ADX(14)

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