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Moving Trend

The Moving Trend AFL in Amibroker evaluates market trends based on moving averages. Utilizing Amibroker data feed, this AFL tracks the direction and strength of trends, providing traders with insights into potential market movements. By integrating with Amibroker data feed, Moving Trend aids traders in identifying trend reversals or continuations, facilitating more informed decision-making regarding entry and exit points.

MovTrend20 = LinearReg( Close, 20 ); // calculate moving trend
// plot moving trend, moving average and price bars
Plot( MovTrend20, "MovTrend-20", colorRed, styleThick );
Plot( MA( Close, 20 ), "MA-20", colorBlue, styleThick );
Plot( Close, "Price", IIf(Close > Open, colorDarkGreen, colorDarkRed), styleBar) ;

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