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Moving Trend Band

Moving Trend Band AFL in Amibroker focuses on assessing market trends through band formations. Integrated with Amibroker data feed, this AFL creates bands around price movements, aiding traders in recognizing trend shifts. By utilizing Amibroker data feed capabilities, this AFL enhances the accuracy of trend analysis, enabling traders to identify potential entry and exit points based on the interaction of price movements with the established bands.

   Moving Trend Bands (MTB)  [experimental]
   Written 030408We by uenal.mutlu@t-online.de 
   Similar to Bollinger Bands, maybe better?
// mid = LinearReg(C, Prefs(4));
   mid = TSF(C, Prefs(4));

   sd  = StDev(mid, Prefs(4));
   top = mid + 1 * sd;  // check 1
   bot = mid - 1 * sd;

   Plot(C, "Moving Trend Bands (MTB)   C",
     colorBlack, 1 + 8);
// Plot(mid,  "mid", colorRed, 1);
   Plot(top,  "top", colorWhite, 1);
   Plot(bot,  "bot", colorWhite, 1);

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