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Moving Average Oscillator

The Moving Average Oscillator AFL in Amibroker assesses the difference between two moving averages to identify potential entry and exit points. Leveraging Amibroker data feed, this AFL calculates the momentum of the moving averages, providing insights into market trends. By integrating with Amibroker data feed capabilities, the Moving Average Oscillator AFL assists traders in recognizing changes in momentum, aiding in trend analysis and decision-making processes.

mao = MA((EMA(C,3) - EMA(C,13)),3);

Plot( mao , "MA Oscillator", ParamColor("color", colorCycle ), ParamStyle("Style") );

tig = (MAo * 0.9)+0;
tig1 = MAo * -0.9;

Plot(tig, "",colorLightGrey);
Plot(tig1, "",colorLightGrey);

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