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As an essential concept in trading, the Momentum AFL in Amibroker assesses the speed of price movements over a specified period. Utilizing Amibroker data feed, this AFL calculates the rate of change in asset prices, aiding traders in identifying potential entry and exit points. By incorporating historical data and Amibroker data feed, the Momentum AFL helps traders gauge the strength of market trends, facilitating more informed decision-making processes.

MOM = A/B;

Plot(mom,"Momentum",colorWhite, styleThick);
e3 = EMA(MOM,3); 
e5 = EMA(MOM,5);
e8 = EMA(MOM,8);
e10 = EMA(MOM,10);
e12 = EMA(MOM,12); 
e15 = EMA(MOM,15);

Plot (e3,"",colorBlue,styleThick);
Plot (e5,"",colorBlue,styleThick);
Plot (e8,"",colorBlue,styleThick);
Plot (e10,"",colorBlue,styleNoLabel);
Plot (e12,"",colorBlue,styleNoLabel);
Plot (e15,"",colorBlue,styleNoLabel);

e30 = EMA(MOM,30);
e35 = EMA(MOM,35);
e40 = EMA(MOM,40);
e45 = EMA(MOM,45);
e50 = EMA(MOM,50);
e55 = EMA(MOM,55);
e60 = EMA(MOM,60);

Plot (e30,"",colorYellow,styleThick);
Plot (e35,"",colorRed,styleNoLabel+styleThick);
Plot (e40,"",colorRed,styleNoLabel+styleThick);
Plot (e45,"",colorRed,styleNoLabel+styleThick);
Plot (e50,"",colorRed,styleNoLabel+styleThick);
Plot (e55,"",colorRed,styleNoLabel+styleThick);
Plot (e60,"",colorRed,styleNoLabel+styleThick);


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