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Mechanical Trading System

The Mechanical Trading System AFL in Amibroker is a rule-based system that automates trade entry and exit decisions based on predefined criteria. Leveraging amibroker data feed  functionalities, traders develop and backtest systematic trading strategies. This AFL enables traders to execute trades based on predefined rules, enhancing consistency and removing emotional bias from trading decisions.

Plot (C,"Price",colorLime,styleBar);
Plot (MA(C,24),"ma 24",colorRed,1);

Plot (MA(C,2),"ma 24",colorYellow,1);
rawrng=HHV(C,50)-LLV(C,50);//calculate the difference betwen highest and lowest clsoe vlaues in the last 50 bars
rngup=(MA(C,24)+rawrng*0.05); // 5% of the rawrange taken as the vicinity band


j1= Close > MA( Close, 24 ) AND Open > MA( Close, 24 ) AND Open < rngup ;
j2= Close < MA( Close, 24 ) AND Close > rngdown AND Open < MA( Close, 24) ;

PlotShapes( shapeSmallCircle* j1,colorYellow, 0,H, 10);
PlotShapes( shapeSmallCircle* j2,colorBlue, 0,L, -10);
PlotOHLC(k1,k1,k2,k2,"",colorGrey40, styleCloud);
PlotOHLC(k1,k1,k3,k3,"",colorGrey40, styleCloud);

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