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Make CCI

The Make CCI AFL in Amibroker is designed to incorporate the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicator into trading strategies. Utilizing amibroker data feed capabilities empowers traders to analyze price momentum and potential trend reversals using the CCI indicator. This AFL enables customization of CCI parameters and backtesting with historical data feeds in Amibroker to optimize trading strategies.


//  MAM - Most Anchored Momentum.
//  This indicator is similar to FastTrack Rank, except it has *much* less
//  noise. This indicator is also similar in looks (on chart) to RSI. However,
//  this is *unbounded*, so it does not flatten out at the extremes.
//  The author of this indicator has create PDF document, which is available at
//  the following URL ===>
//  http://fundvision.com/essays/essays_rudy.shtml
//  Regards,
//  - Salil V Gangal

mamPeriod = 13;
mam = 100*(close/ma(close, (2*mamPeriod) +1) -1);

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