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Main Chart With Rainbow And SAR

The Main Chart With Rainbow And SAR AFL in Amibroker amalgamates Rainbow indicators and SAR (Stop and Reverse) indicators onto the main chart. Utilizing amibroker data feed capabilities facilitates real-time analysis, allowing traders to gauge market trends effectively. This AFL offers a visual representation of trends and potential reversals, aiding traders in making informed decisions based on the interaction between Rainbow and SAR indicators.

/*Main Chart with Rainbow and SAR*/

MaxGraph = 15;

Graph0 = Close;
Graph1 = MA(C,2);
Graph2 = MA(MA(C,2),2);
Graph3 = MA(MA(MA(C,2),2),2);
Graph4 = MA(MA(MA(MA(C,2),2),2),2);
Graph5 = MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(C,2),2),2),2),2);
Graph6 = MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(C,2),2),2),2),2),2);
Graph7 = MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(C,2),2),2),2),2),2),2);
Graph8 = MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(C,2),2),2),2),2),2),2),2);
Graph9 = MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(C,2),2),2),2),2),2),2),2),2);
Graph10 = MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(MA(C,2),2),2),2),2),2),2),2),2),2);

Graph0Style =64;
Graph1Style=Graph2Style=Graph3Style=Graph4Style=Graph5Style=Graph6Style=Graph7Style=Graph8Style=Graph9Style=Graph10Style = 1;
Graph0BarColor=IIf(SAR(0.05)0," +"," -")+WriteVal((C-Ref(C,-1))/Ref(C,-1)*100)+"%  )";

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