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Magic Cross

The Magic Cross AFL within Amibroker is a versatile tool that combines various indicators or price actions to identify significant trend changes or potential reversals. Utilizing amibroker data feed capabilities, this AFL aims to detect precise entry and exit points by integrating multiple indicators or price patterns.

_SECTION_BEGIN("macd rsi");
EMA3 = EMA(RSI(14),3);
ema27 = EMA(RSI(14),27);  

diff = ema3-EMA27;
ema_short = EMA(diff,Param("short ema",1,1,20,1));
EMA_Long = EMA(diff,Param("long ema",5,1,20,1));

Col_rsi = IIf (EMA_long > Ref(EMA_long,-1),colorBlue,colorRed);
Plot (EMA_short,"diff in rsi1",colorYellow,styleThick);
Plot (EMA_long,"diff in rsi5",Col_rsi,styleThick);
Plot (0,"",colorWhite,styleThick);

Buy = Cross (EMA_short,EMA_long);
Sell = Cross (EMA_long, EMA_short);
Short = Sell;
Cover = Buy;

//PlotShapes (shapeHollowSmallUpTriangle*Buy,colorYellow);
//PlotShapes (shapeHollowSmallDownTriangle*Sell,colorYellow);
Plot(6, "ribbon", Col_rsi, styleOwnScale| styleArea|styleNoLabel,-0.5,100);


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