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MACD Yellow Trend Line

Integrating a yellow trend line with MACD in Amibroker AFL enhances trend analysis capabilities. By incorporating this visual element alongside the MACD indicator, traders gain additional insights into trend strengths and potential reversals. Leveraging amibroker data feed functionalities facilitates real-time analysis, allowing traders to make informed decisions based on the interaction between the MACD and the yellow trend line.

_SECTION_BEGIN("macd rsi");
EMA3 = EMA(RSI(14),3);
ema27 = EMA(RSI(14),27);

diff = ema3-EMA27;
Col_rsi = IIf (EMA(diff,Param("short ema",5,1,20,1)) > Ref(EMA(diff,Param("short ema",5,1,20,1)),-1),colorBlue,colorRed);
Plot (EMA(diff,Param("short ema",1,1,20,1)),"diff in rsi3",colorYellow,styleThick);
Plot (EMA(diff,Param("fast ema",5,1,50,1)),"diff in rsi5",Col_rsi,styleThick);
Plot (0,"",colorWhite,styleThick);

Buy = Cross (EMA(diff,Param("short ema",3,1,20,1)),EMA(diff,Param("fast ema",5,1,50,1)));
Sell = Cross (EMA(diff,Param("fast ema",5,1,50,1)), EMA(diff,Param("short ema",3,1,20,1)));
Short = Sell;
Cover = Buy;

PlotShapes (shapeUpTriangle*Buy,colorYellow);
PlotShapes (shapeDownTriangle*Sell,colorYellow);

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