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MACD RSI AFL in Amibroker combines MACD and RSI indicators to provide a comprehensive view of market momentum and trend strength. Utilizing Amibroker data feed, it assists traders in identifying potential entry and exit points based on combined indicator analysis.

_SECTION_BEGIN("macd rsi");
EMA3 = EMA(RSI(14),3);
ema27 = EMA(RSI(14),27);

diff = ema3-EMA27;
s_ema = EMA(diff,Optimize("short ema",3,1,20,1));
L_ema = Ref(EMA(diff,Optimize("short ema",3,1,20,1)),-1);
Col_rsi = IIf ( s_ema > L_ema,colorBlue,colorRed);
Plot (s_ema,"diff in rsi3",Col_rsi,styleThick);
Plot (L_ema,"diff in rsi5",colorYellow,styleThick);
Plot (0,"",colorWhite,styleThick);

Buy = Cross (L_EMA,s_ema);
Sell = Cross (s_ema, l_ema);
Cover = Buy;
Short = Sell;

PlotShapes (shapeUpTriangle*Buy,colorYellow);
PlotShapes (shapeDownTriangle*Sell,colorYellow);

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