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Linkon Cam Trend

Linkon Cam Trend appears to focus specifically on identifying trends within the market. Utilizing the Amibroker data feed, this AFL might employ various trend analysis techniques to help traders identify and follow market trends for strategic decision-making.

HCL = (H+L+C)/3;
Plot(MA(HCL,3),"",IIf(MA(HCL,3) > Ref(MA(HCL,3),-1),colorBrightGreen,colorRed),styleThick);
Plot(MA(HCL,5),"",IIf(MA(HCL,5) > Ref(MA(HCL,5),-1),colorBrightGreen,colorRed),styleThick);


Plot(C,"CLOSE",colorWhite, styleBar);

Buy = MA(HCL,3)>EMA(H,34);
Sell = MA(HCL,3)

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