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Kase DevStop II Clone

By incorporating an Amibroker data feed, the Kase DevStop II Clone AFL assists traders in managing risk by providing dynamic stop-loss levels based on market volatility. It adapts to changing market conditions, enhancing risk management strategies for traders.

/Pd= Param("Max Length",13,100,30,2);

RWH= (H-Ref(L,-Pd))/(ATR(Pd)*sqrt(Pd));
RWL= (Ref(H,-Pd)- L)/(ATR(Pd)*sqrt(Pd));

Pk= WMA((RWH-RWL),3);
AVTR= MA(HHV(H,2) - LLV(L,2),20);
SD= StDev(HHV(H,2) - LLV(L,2),20);

Val4= IIf(Pk>0,HHV(H - AVTR-3.6*SD,21),LLV(L + AVTR+3*SD,21));
Val3= IIf(Pk>0,HHV(H - AVTR-2.2*SD,10),LLV(L + AVTR+2*SD,10));
Val2= IIf(Pk>0,HHV(H - AVTR-1.0*SD,30),LLV(L + AVTR+SD,30));
Val1= IIf(Pk>0,HHV(H - AVTR,21),LLV(L + AVTR,21)); 

Plot(Val4,"3SDev",IIf(Val4 > C OR Val4 < Ref(Val4,-1),34,42),24);
Plot(Val3,"2SDev",IIf(Val3 > C OR Val3 < Ref(Val3,-1),16,34),24);
Plot(C,"close",colorLightGrey,styleCandle); //,55,64);

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