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Indian Markets

AFL codes tailored for the Indian markets in Amibroker and integrated with Amibroker Data Feeder cater to the unique needs of traders operating in India. These codes provide indicators or strategies optimized for analyzing Indian stocks, commodities, or currency pairs, enabling traders to make informed decisions based on current market dynamics in India.

/_SECTION_BEGIN("Expiry Thursday for Indian markets");

//  This indicator will give a white arrow pointing the last thursday of every
//  month. This is the monthly expiry day in the indian markets.It is useful to
//  note changes in prices of futures and options.

 function Lastthursday()
 Daysinmonth=IIf(Month()==1 OR Month()==3 OR Month()==5 OR Month()==7 OR Month()==8 OR Month()==10 OR Month()==12,31,30);
 Daysinmonthfeb=IIf(Year()%4 == 0 AND Year()%100!=0,29,28);
 returnvalue=IIf(Daysinmonthfinal-Day()<7 AND DayOfWeek()==4,1,0);
 return returnvalue;


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