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Hull Moving Average

The Hull Moving Average (HMA) AFL code for Amibroker is a favored indicator among traders. Integrating it with Amibroker Data Feeder enhances its accuracy and responsiveness, providing a smoother moving average and aiding in precise trend identification.

/_SECTION_BEGIN("Hull Moving Average version 1.0");
/* Hull Moving Average version 1.0 */
/* by Avi b a */
/* The Hull Moving Average solves the age 
old dilemma of making a moving average more 
responsive to current price activity whilst maintaining curve smoothness...
read more at- http://www.ensignsoftware.com/tips/tradingtips72.htm */


Period = Param("Period",26,1,100,1);
Hull = WMA( 2*WMA(C,int(Period/2))- WMA(C,Period),int(sqrt(Period)));

Plot(C,"close", colorWhite , styleBar);

for( i = 1 ; i < BarCount-2; i++ ) 
if (hull[i] hull[i-1] && hull[i] >hull[i+1])
Lpmh[i] =0;

GR =ExRem(LpmH,Lpmh);
RD =ExRem(Lpml,Lpml);

Plot(Hull,"Hull "+Period+" days",ParamColor( "Color", colorBlue ), styleLine);

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