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Hist vinod Volume

The Hist vinod Volume indicator tracks price trends by plotting the highest high and lowest low prices over a defined period. It assists traders in identifying potential trend reversals or continuations. Integrating Amibroker data feed enhances Hist vinod Volume analysis, providing real-time market information essential for accurate identification of pivotal price levels and making informed trading decisions.


SetChartBkColor( colorBlack ) ;
f = Param("fast ema",12,1,50,1);
s = Param("Slow ema",26,2,100,1);
t = Param ("signal",9,1,50,1);
a2 = EMA(a1,t);
Hist = a1-a2;
em = EMA(Hist,2);
col_hist= IIf(Hist > BBandTop( Hist, 5, 0.5 ),colorDarkGreen,IIf(Hist < BBandBot( Hist, 5, 0.5 ),colorDarkRed,colorYellow));
Plot (Hist,"Histogram",IIf(hist> Ref(hist,-1),colorBrightGreen,colorRed), styleLine+styleThick);
Plot (Hist,"",col_hist, styleHistogram+styleNoLabel);
Plot (EM,"",colorWhite, styleLine+styleNoLabel);

Short=(H>Ref(H,-1) & Hist

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