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Heikin Ashi Trading System

The Heikin Ashi trading system revolves around interpreting signals from Heikin Ashi charts to make trading decisions. Traders employing this system focus on trend identification and potential reversals. Amibroker data feed integration bolsters the efficiency of this system, offering real-time market data critical for accurate analysis and timely trade execution aligned with Heikin Ashi signals.


if( ParamToggle("Tooltip shows", "All Values|Only Prices" ) )
 ToolTip=StrFormat("Open: %g\nHigh:  %g\nLow:   %g\nClose:  %g
(%.1f%%)\nVolume: "+NumToStr( V, 1 ), O, H, L, C, SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1

SetChartBkColor(ParamColor("Outer panel color ",colorBlack)); // color of outer border 
SetChartBkGradientFill( ParamColor("Inner panel color upper half",colorDarkTeal),
	ParamColor("Inner panel color lower half",colorBlack)); //color of inner panel

HaClose = (O+H+L+C)/4; 

HaOpen = AMA( Ref( HaClose, -1 ), 0.5);

HaHigh = Max( H, Max( HaClose, HaOpen ) );

HaLow = Min( L, Min( HaClose, HaOpen ) );

PlotOHLC( HaOpen, HaHigh, HaLow, HaClose, "Modified " + Name(), 2, styleCandle );



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