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Guppy Oscillator

The Guppy Oscillator within Amibroker AFL measures the convergence or divergence of short-term and long-term moving averages. Utilizing the Amibroker data feed, this oscillator aids traders in assessing trend strength and potential reversals. Traders interpret the oscillator’s values to identify shifts in momentum and potential trade opportunities. 

//  Guppy MMA Oscillator   7/26/2006

st3	= EMA(C,3);
st5	= EMA(C,5);
st8	= EMA(C,8);
st10	= EMA(C,10);
st12	= EMA(C,12);
st15	= EMA(C,15);
Lt23	= EMA(C,23);
Lt30	= EMA(C,30);
Lt35	= EMA(C,35);
Lt40	= EMA(C,30);
Lt50	= EMA(C,50);
STosc = ((st3+st5+st8+st10+st12+st15)-(Lt30+Lt35+Lt40+Lt50))*10;
Trig = EMA(STosc,13);

Plot(STOsc,FullName()+" Guppy Oscilator",6,1);
Plot(Trig,"Guppy Oscilator Trigger",4,1);

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