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Guppy Diff index

The Guppy Diff Index, integrated into Amibroker AFL, measures the distance between short-term and long-term moving averages. Utilizing Amibroker data feed, this AFL calculates the difference to gauge trend strength and momentum. Traders interpret the index’s values to assess the potential for trend reversals or continuations. By analyzing these differences, traders refine their strategies, aiming to capitalize on favorable market movements.

//  Guppy01b.AFL MMA   7/26/2006

st2	= EMA(C,2);
st3	= EMA(C,3);
st4	= EMA(C,4);
st5	= EMA(C,5);
mt12	= EMA(C,12);
mt15	= EMA(C,15);
mt18	= EMA(C,18);
mt21	= EMA(C,21);
Lt30	= EMA(C,30);
Lt35	= EMA(C,35);
Lt40	= EMA(C,40);
Lt45	= EMA(C,45);
Lt50	= EMA(C,50);

StDiffIndex = (st2-st3) + (st2-st4) + (st2-st5) + (st3-st4) + (st3-st5) + (st4-st5);
MtDiffIndex = (mt12-mt15)+(mt12-mt18)+(mt12-mt21)+(mt15-mt18)+(mt15-mt21)+(mt18-mt21);
LtDiffIndex = (Lt30-Lt35)+(Lt30-Lt40)+(Lt30-Lt45)+(Lt30-Lt50)+(Lt35-Lt40)+(Lt35-Lt45)+

Plot(StDiffindex, "Guppy StDiffIndex",colorWhite,4);
Plot(mtDiffindex, "Guppy mtDiffIndex",colorYellow,4);
Plot(ltDiffindex, "Guppy LtDiffIndex",colorRed,4);

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