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The Garythompson, developed by Bill Williams, helps traders identify trends and periods of consolidation. Using Amibroker AFL, traders can create Garythompson indicators that analyze the convergence and divergence of two moving averages, indicating the presence of a trend or a non-trending phase. Amibroker data feed integration ensures real-time analysis, assisting traders in identifying potential entry and exit points based on the Gator Oscillator.


//  Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator ( a momentum Oscillator) based on the
//  profitunity trading approach. See "Trading Chaos" by Bill williams for full
//  description and useage - good for wave counting

/* Awesome Oscillator code for Amibroker
	Written By Gary Thompson 
	07th April 2005  */

SlowMA=MA( Avg ,34);
FastMA=MA( Avg,5);

barcolor= IIf((SlowMA - FastMA) <= Ref(SlowMA - FastMA, -1),colorGreen,colorRed); 

/* the following is to put the 5 period signal line on the oscillator if you choose*/


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