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Gann hilo

Gann Hilo, a combination of price and moving average, assists in identifying trends and potential trend reversals. In Amibroker AFL, traders can create Gann Hilo indicators to generate signals based on the crossover of price with the Hilo line. Integrating Amibroker data feed allows for real-time analysis, ensuring timely identification of trend changes using Gann Hilo.

Lb = Param("Look-Back Periods?",3,2,10,1);
HLd = IIf(Close>Ref(MA(H,Lb),-1),1,IIf(Close<ref(ma(l,lb),-1),-1,0)); hlv="ValueWhen(HLd!=0,HLd,1);" hilo="IIf(HLv==-1,MA(H,Lb),MA(L,Lb));" plot(hilo,="" "gann="" hilo",="" colorred);="" buy="BarsSince(C" <="" hilo);="" sell="BarsSince(C"> HiLo);

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