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Fractals, as a technical analysis tool, highlight specific patterns within price charts that exhibit self-similar characteristics. Within Amibroker AFL, traders can create indicators or systems to detect and interpret fractal patterns effectively. Amibroker data feed integration enhances the accuracy of fractal identification, empowering traders to capitalize on these patterns for trading decisions.

/_SECTION_BEGIN("Fractals # 3");
FractalUp3 = IIf((L < Ref(L,4) AND L < Ref(L,3) AND L = Ref(L,2) AND L <= Ref(L,1) AND L < Ref(L,-1) AND L < Ref(L,-2)),1,0);
FractalDown3 = IIf((H > Ref(H,4) AND H > Ref(H,3) AND H=Ref(H,2) AND H >= Ref(H,1) AND H > Ref(H,-1) AND H > Ref(H,-2)),1,0);

Plot(FractalUp3, "",5);
Plot(FractalDown3, "", 4);

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