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Fractals use

Fractals find diverse applications in trading strategies, from identifying key support and resistance levels to indicating potential trend reversals. Leveraging Amibroker AFL, traders can devise custom strategies using fractals. Amibroker data feed integration ensures that traders have access to up-to-date market information to optimize the utilization of fractals within their trading systems.


cap = Param("Capital", 0,100000, 5000000, 50000 );
risk = Param("Max. Risk",0.0025, 0.005, 0.02, 0.0025 );
/*The following builds Fractal Up*/


(Ref(H,-2) > Ref(H, -4)) AND

(Ref(H,-2) > Ref(H, -3)) AND

(Ref(H,-2) > Ref(H, -1)) AND

(Ref(H,-2) > H), Ref(H,-2),1);


/*The following builds Fractal Down*/


(Ref(L,-2) <= Ref(L, -1)) AND

(Ref(L,-2) <= Ref(L, 0)) AND

(Ref(L,-2) <= Ref(L, -3)) AND

(Ref(L,-2) <= Ref(L, -4));

FractalDown=ValueWhen( var2,Ref(L,-2),1);


_SECTION_BEGIN("Volume"); Plot( Volume, "Volume", ParamColor("Color", colorLavender ), styleNoTitle | ParamStyle( "Style", styleHistogram | styleOwnScale | styleThick | styleNoLabel, maskHistogram ), 5 );

tn = TimeNum();
dn = DateNum();
u = ValueWhen( tn<105500, HighestSince(dn!=Ref(dn,-1), H ));
w = ValueWhen( tn<105500, LowestSince(dn!=Ref(dn,-1), L ));

Title = Date()+" "+ Interval(format=2)+" "+Name()+" "+"O "+WriteVal(O)+" "+"H "+WriteVal(H)+" L"+WriteVal(L)+" C "+WriteVal(C)+EncodeColor(colorRed)+" Lot Size "+WriteVal(RoundLotSize,1.0)+" Margin"+WriteVal(MarginDeposit,1.0)+"\n"
+EncodeColor(colorGreen)+" Buy above "+WriteVal(FractalUp,1.2)+" Stop "+WriteVal(FractalDown,1.2)+ "\n"+EncodeColor(colorBlue)+" Sell below "+WriteVal(FractalDown,1.2)+ " Stop "+WriteVal(FractalUp,1.2)+
"\n"+" Trade risk based on fractals Rs "+ WriteVal((FractalUp-FractalDown),1.0)+ " Position Size based on " + WriteVal(risk*100,1.2)+ " % risk = " + WriteVal((cap*risk)/(FractalUp-FractalDown),1.0)+ "shares"+
"\n"+ EncodeColor(colorGreen)+" ADX is "+ WriteIf(Cond13,"BULLISH","BEARISH ")+
"\n"+"2 bar Long stop " +WriteVal(a,1.2)+EncodeColor(colorRed)+" 2 bar Short stop "+WriteVal(a1,1.2)+
"\n"+EncodeColor(colorGreen)+ " ORB Long Breaout "+WriteVal(u,1.2)+" Target "+ WriteVal(Longtgt,1.2)
+"\n"+EncodeColor(colorRed)+" ORB Short breakout "+WriteVal(w,1.2)+" target "+ WriteVal(Shrttgt,1.2);

//source http://www.traderji.com/amibroker/24404-help-amibroker-forumla-afl-saintjis-going-60min-flow-practice-2.html

// Written by Abhay (aad on www.traderji.com)

// Previous version 1.0 on 28.07.2008.
// Current Version 1.1 on 31.07.2008.

///// Major changes done from previous version 1.0 : //////

// The method of pivot definition is changed. 
// Now it does not use zig() or related functions anywhere.

// Stoploss line error, that it moves in both directions after a position is taken,
// is removed. Now stoploss lines are unidirectional.

// To protect profit on long positions, SELL is triggered either when trailing buy stop
// is hit OR when previous lower pivot is cracked. Fresh long position will be initiated 
// if uptrend continues after previous high pivot is cracked.   


// This is simple YET powerful pivot based trading system.
// Used only for intraday. Not suitable for EOD data.
// Designed for continuous trading. i.e. short=sell and cover=buy
// When long, watch crack of close in green line ONLY. Ignore red line.
// When short, watch crack of close in red line ONLY. Ignore green line.
// You will have to tweak the parameters as per your trading style.

// Warning : 	I have tried to develop this method from Saint's Pivot Based System (www.traderji.com) 
// 		However, it is very well possible that its performance is not as per actual system
// 		suggested by Saint due to programming errors and inadequate knowledge level at my end.
// Warning : 	Traders are advised to trade on their own, knowing very well that it is their money.

_SECTION_BEGIN("Simple Pivot based Trading System");

// User defined parameters.

GraphXSpace = 10; //defines how much extra space should be added above and below graph line (in percent).

dist = 0.25*ATR(10); 
Capital=Param("Total capital",100000,10000,1000000,1000);
drawdown=Param("Max. loss per trade as % of Capital", 1.0,0.5,25.0,0.1);
room=Param("Room for S/L as % of Pivot value",0,0.001,0.02,0.001);

// Now calculate pivots. Method courtesy : Kenneth (www.traderji.com)

PH= ValueWhen(
(Ref(H,-2) > Ref(H, -4)) AND
(Ref(H,-2) > Ref(H, -3)) AND
(Ref(H,-2) > Ref(H, -1)) AND
(Ref(H,-2) > H), Ref(H,-2));

PL= ValueWhen(
(Ref(L,-2) <= Ref(L, -4)) AND
(Ref(L,-2) <= Ref(L, -3)) AND
(Ref(L,-2) <= Ref(L, -1)) AND
(Ref(L,-2) <= L), Ref(L,-2));

// filter lines


//Uncomment following code if you wish to see the pivot lines.
Plot(Ref(PH,2), "UpPivot", ParamColor("UpPivot Color",colorRed), styleDashed);
Plot(Ref(PL,2), "DownPivot",ParamColor("DownPivot Color",colorGreen), styleDashed);

//Plot(Ref(Phfilter,2), "Upfilter", ParamColor("upfilter Color",colorRed), styleLine);
//Plot(Ref(Plfilter,2), "Downfilter",ParamColor("dnfilter Color",colorGreen), styleLine);

//Plot(Ref(UpFractal,2), "Up Fractal", ParamColor("Up Fractal Color",colorRed),8);
//Plot(Ref(DownFractal,2), "Down Fractal",ParamColor("Down Fractal Color",colorGreen),8);

/*for (a=4;a= H[a-4]) AND
(H[a-2] >= H[a-3]) AND
(H[a-2] >= H[a-1]) AND
(H[a-2] >= H[a]))
PlotText("PH", a-2, H[a-2], colorGreen);

if ((L[a-2] <= L[a-4]) AND
(L[a-2] <= L[a-3]) AND
(L[a-2] <= L[a-1]) AND
(L[a-2] <= L[a]))
PlotText("PL", a-2, L[a-2]-dist[a-2], colorRed);

//Condition for buy : Enter when Close crosses latest pivot high.
Buy = C> (PH+(room*PH));




//Condition for sell : Exit when previous pivot low is cracked.
Sell = C< (PL-(room*PL));

Buy = ExRem(Buy,Sell);
Sell= ExRem(Sell,Buy);

//Short = Sell;
//Cover = Buy;


shape = Buy * shapeUpArrow + Sell * shapeDownArrow;
PlotShapes( shape, IIf( Buy, colorGreen, colorRed ),0, IIf( Buy, Low, High ) );


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