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Fractal points

Fractal Points refer to specific price levels identified by fractal patterns, often signaling potential support or resistance areas in the market. Utilizing Amibroker AFL, traders can create algorithms to detect these fractal points within price data. Integrating Amibroker data feed ensures the timely identification and utilization of these crucial price levels for strategic entry or exit decisions.

/_SECTION_BEGIN("Fractals # 1");
FractalUp1 = IIf((L < Ref(L,2) AND L < Ref(L,1) AND L < Ref(L,-1) AND L < Ref(L,-2)),1,0);
FractalDown1 = IIf((H > Ref(H,2) AND H > Ref(H,1) AND H > Ref(H,-1) AND H > Ref(H,-2)),1,0);

Plot(FractalUp1, "",5);
Plot(FractalDown1, "", 4);

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