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Fibonacchi likely refers to a set of Fibonacci-based tools integrated into Amibroker. These tools utilize the Amibroker data feeder to accurately calculate and display Fibonacci retracement, extension, or projection levels. Traders use Fibonacchi tools to identify potential support, resistance, and reversal zones based on Fibonacci ratios, aiding in technical analysis and trade decision-making.

/_SECTION_BEGIN("Fibonacci Retracements");
 //Fibonacci Retracement Lines

H52 = Ref(HHV(H,60),-1);
L52 = Ref(LLV(L,60),-1);
L52bar = LastValue( BarsSince(L==L52));
change = H52-L52;
Retrace38 = H52 - change*0.382;
Retrace50 = H52 - Change*0.50;
Retrace62 = H52 - Change*0.618;
Retrace100 = H52 - Change*1;

Plot(IIf(BarIndex()>=(BarCount-1- H52bar), H52, Null), "H52", 
Plot(IIf(BarIndex()>=(BarCount-1- H52bar), Retrace38, Null), "Retr 
38%", colorYellow,styleLine);
Plot(IIf(BarIndex()>=(BarCount-1- H52bar), Retrace50, Null), "Retr 
50%", colorBlue,styleLine);
Plot(IIf(BarIndex()>=(BarCount-1- H52bar), Retrace62, Null), "Retr 
62%", colorGreen,styleLine);
Plot(IIf(BarIndex()>=(BarCount-1- H52bar), Retrace100, Null), "Retr 
100%", colorRed,styleLine);


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