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‘Explorativo’ potentially symbolizes an exploratory approach in the financial markets. In the context of Amibroker’s data capabilities and Data Feed, this could signify a comprehensive exploration using Amibroker AFL scripts to discover new trading strategies, indicators, or patterns. By leveraging historical data and real-time updates through the Data Feed, traders embark on an exploratory journey, uncovering insights that aid in informed decision-making and strategy development.

/_SECTION_BEGIN("explorativo del Main al 12 de set 2005");
ScriptVersion = " explorativo del Main al 12 de set 2005";

//////////////////// PRECIO //////////////////////////////////////////////


Filter = Close > 5;

PositionSize = 50;

///////////////////////	MEDIAS MOVILES///////////////////

slope = Param("slope",2,2,50,1);
Color20= IIf(LinRegSlope(MA(C,5),slope)<0,colorRed,colorBrightGreen);
event1= LinRegSlope(MA(C,5),slope)<1;
Plot( MA( C,9), "",Color20, styleLine);
//Plot( event1, "", colorRose, styleArea|styleOwnScale);
Color50= IIf(LinRegSlope(MA(C,50),slope)<0,colorRed,colorBlue); 
Plot( MA( C, 60), "",Color50  , styleLine);
Color100= IIf(LinRegSlope(MA(C,100),slope)<0,colorRed,colorYellow);
Plot( MA( C,  90), "",Color100 , styleLine);
Color150= IIf(LinRegSlope(MA(C,150),slope)<0,colorRed,10); 
Plot( MA( C, 150), "",Color150  , styleLine);

PlotShapes( IIf(event1 ,shapeDigit1,0) ,5, 1, L,-30);
PlotShapes( IIf(event4 ,shapeDigit4,0) ,4, 1, H,30);

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