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In the world of trading, ‘explode’ encapsulates sudden and substantial market movements, often prompting significant price shifts. Successfully predicting or reacting to these explosions demands tools like Amibroker Data and Amibroker Data Feed, ensuring accurate and timely information. Amibroker Data provides historical and real-time market data, while the Data Feed furnishes live updates, essential for identifying potential explosions.

e	=	EMA(C,13); 
ee	=	EMA(EMA(C,13),9);
color	=	IIf(e > ee, colorBlue, colorRed);
p	=	Peak(C,2,2);
t	=	Trough(C,2,2);

Buy	=	e > ee AND C > p; 
Sell	=	ee > e AND C < t; 

Buy	=ExRem(Buy, Sell);
Sell=ExRem(Sell, Buy);

Plot(e,  "", color, styleLine);
Plot(ee, "", color,styleLine);
Plot(p, "", colorBlueGrey, styleDashed | styleStaircase);
Plot(t, "", colorLime, styleDashed | styleStaircase);

PlotShapes(shapeUpArrow*Buy, color, 0, L);
PlotShapes(shapeDownArrow*Sell, color, 0, H);

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