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EMA Crossover

The EMA Crossover AFL in Amibroker is a basic yet powerful tool that identifies instances when Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) intersect. It provides signals indicating potential changes in market momentum based on these crossover points. The accuracy of crossover signals heavily relies on the accuracy of market data provided by the Amibroker data feed. Traders depend on precise signals generated by this AFL to make informed decisions. 

/_SECTION_BEGIN("EMA Crossover");

//  The formula is meant to work with Buystops and Sellstops at the previous
//  days's 7d-ema crossovers. Appears to work well with long trades in about
//  20% of the SPX. Designed for weekly traders.

// EMA Cross
Plot( Close, "Price", colorBlack, styleCandle ); 
Plot(EMA( Close,range1), "7d-ema", colorRed );  
Buy = Cross((Close),(EMA(Close,range1))); 
Buystop = Ref(EMA(Close,range1),-1); 
BuyPrice = Max(Buystop,Low); 
Sell = Cross(EMA(Close,range2),(Close)); 
Sellstop = Ref(EMA(Close,range1),-1); 
SellPrice = Min(sellstop,High); 
Short = Sell; 
Cover = Buy; 

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