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DT Index

The DT (Directional Trend) Index in Amibroker measures the strength of price trends. By utilizing the Amibroker data feed, this indicator evaluates the intensity of market movements, assisting traders in assessing the robustness of trends.

/_SECTION_BEGIN("Dynamic Traders Index");
 PlotGrid(30, colorLightBlue);
 PlotGrid(50, colorLightBlue);
 PlotGrid(70, colorLightBlue);
 a = DEMA(RSI(13),2);
 b = MA(a,7);
 bh = DEMA(a,34)+2*(StDev(a,34));
 bl = DEMA(a,34)-2*(StDev(a,34));
 bm = (bh+bl)/2;

 Plot(a, "TDI", colorGreen, styleThick); 
 Plot(b, "TSL", colorRed,styleThick);

 Plot( bh , "", colorBlue);
 Plot( bl , "", colorBlack);
 Plot(bm,"", colorDarkYellow);


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