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Enhance your trend analysis with the CTI (Correlation Trend Indicator) AFL for Amibroker. This indicator, available for free download, incorporates correlation analysis to identify and confirm trends in the market. Backed by Amibroker data, the CTI provides traders with a reliable tool to assess the strength and direction of trends. Integrate this AFL into your trading toolkit to refine your trend-following strategies and make more informed decisions in dynamic markets.

function ChandeTrendIndex( Periods )
 return ln(C/Ref(C,-Periods))/(StDev(ln(C/Ref(C,-1)),Periods)*sqrt(Periods));

Plot( ChandeTrendIndex( Param("Periods", 50, 1, 100 ) ),
		ParamColor("Color", ColorCycle ) );
Plot( 1, "Trending Line", colorBlue, styleDashed|styleNoLabel );

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