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Colored Pivot Line

Utilizing the Amibroker data feed to generate colored pivot lines helps identify key support and resistance levels. Integrating this data into an Amibroker AFL assists traders in recognizing pivotal price points for making informed trading choices.

/_SECTION_BEGIN("Fibo for all bars");

//TimeFrameSet( in15Minute*2 ); 

pd = ( DH+ DL + DC )/3;
sd1 = (2*pd)-DH;
sd2 = pd -(DH - DL);
sd3 = Sd1 - (DH-DL); 
rd1 = (2*pd)-DL;
rd2 = pd +(DH -DL);
rd3 = rd1 +(DH-DL);

Plot (pd,"Pivot",colorBlue,styleThick+styleDots);
Plot (rd1," R1 ",35,8+16);
Plot (rd2," R2 ",35,8+16);
Plot (rd3," R3 ",35,8+16);

Plot (sd1," S1 ",4,8+16);
Plot (Sd2," S2 ",4,8+16);
Plot (Sd3," S3 ",4,8+16);

style = IIf(ParamList("Chart style", "styleCandle|styleBar")=="styleCandle",64,128+4);
Plot (C,Date ()+" close",1,style); //ENABLE THIS TO HAVE CANDLES AS WELL

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