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Blue Trend Line

Integrating the Amibroker data feed into the analysis of Blue Trend Lines assists in visualizing and confirming market trends. An Amibroker AFL tailored to interpret these lines provides traders with a clearer understanding of trend directions, aiding in effective trade execution.

/_SECTION_BEGIN("Fibo for all bars");

TimeFrameSet( in15Minute*2 ); 

pd = ( DH+ DL + DC )/3;
sd1 = (2*pd)-DH;
sd2 = pd -(DH - DL);
sd3 = Sd1 - (DH-DL); 
rd1 = (2*pd)-DL;
rd2 = pd +(DH -DL);
rd3 = rd1 +(DH-DL);

Plot (pd,"Pivot",colorBlue,styleThick+styleDots);
Plot (rd1," R1 ",35,8+16);
Plot (rd2," R2 ",35,8+16);
Plot (rd3," R3 ",35,8+16);

Plot (sd1," S1 ",4,8+16);
Plot (Sd2," S2 ",4,8+16);
Plot (Sd3," S3 ",4,8+16);

style = IIf(ParamList("Chart style", "styleCandle|styleBar")=="styleCandle",64,128+4);
//Plot (C,Date ()+" close",1,style); //ENABLE THIS TO HAVE CANDLES AS WELL

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