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Amibroker Data Feed makes trading easy. With our platform, you can do backtesting and real-time analysis.

All trading is about timing. You have to do what’s right at the right moment. Many traders analyze, buy, and sell shares individually, which is the most appropriate approach in my view. 

However, when trading was done manually, traders could only search and trade in a limited number of stocks. 

In sophisticated automated trading systems, for instance, Amibroker data feed assists traders in buying and selling at the right time for several stocks.

Amibroker Data Feed helps you automate trading strategies with simple but powerful software. 

This is especially used by professional traders who wish to trade in various shares, options, or commodities using accurate trading signals, trading regulations, and trading techniques.

This technical analysis program enables the user to set his parameters and rules for selecting, buying, and selling securities to make the most money.

In this post, the author will outline the five best NSE data feeds for Amibroker AFL trading and the pros and cons of using them.

If Amibrokerchart offers a reasonable Amibroker data feed.


How does Amibroker work?

AmiBroker is a technical analysis software with a trading system that employs algorithms for trading and is suitable for professional traders to identify and capitalize on stock market opportunities. 

Amibroker live data differs from other trading programs only by using the Amibroker Formula Language. 

By using Amibroker Formula Language, users can choose the right stocks and entry prices, stop losses, and exit points based on their trading experiences. 

Specialists and research organizations have also provided traders with advanced measurements and guidelines that can be used.

If you need an Amibroker Data Feed, then you should consider AmibrokerChart, the service provider of the data feed. They offer an amibroker data feed that is 99% accurate.Our uptime guarantee is 99.95%, and we have more than 1500 symbols for equities, futures, commodities, indices, currencies, and options.


Amibroker AFL: how does it work?

For instance, if you wish to enter a long position on a particular candlestick, ensure that the volume is high, the price is within the Bollinger bands, and the MACD line is bullish. Which stock can you find that satisfies all these?

Of course, you can do this manually by inserting charts and choosing the buying and selling points on your own, which may prove beneficial but is time-consuming. You have to do this manually for any stock that you can imagine in the market today.

Using AFL, you can type in a few lines, just like an Excel formula, and then apply the same formula to all the companies you want to analyze to find out which stocks are good.


The five best Amibroker data feed AFL for successful trading:

  • Candlestick Pattern AFL
  • Bollinger Fibonacci Bands AFL
  • The harmonic pattern and dynamic levels
  • Awesome Oscillator AFL
  • SuperTrend Indicator AFL

Below are the most popular Amibroker data feed formula languages that traders use.


  1. Candlestick Pattern AFL

It is easy to identify a specific candlestick pattern for a single stock, as illustrated in the above example. However, it is cumbersome to identify a candlestick pattern for many stocks at a time.

AFL is intended to immediately determine bullish or bearish signals for many stocks by searching for one of 35 known candlestick patterns with a single mouse click.

It is very useful for finding equities that are trending.

It helps predict when a trend will reversal.

It does not know where to enter, where to exit, or where to place the stop loss.

Other signs and symptoms should support this.


  1. Bollinger Fibonacci Bands AFL

A Bollinger band is one of the most widely used indicators for measuring overbought and oversold signals.

The breakout levels of Fibonacci Bands by Bollinger AFL are calculated based on the volatility of the stock. It assists the traders in determining whether the price is high or low as compared to the extreme values.

It may be used to identify buy and sell signals for longs and shorts, respectively, for the overbought and oversold levels.

There are no volume or trading pattern constraints; traders cannot use this to confirm a transaction.  The only thing it can do is identify trends.


  1. Harmonic Pattern and Dynamic Levels AFL

AFL swing trading is common among day traders, and it involves the use of harmonic patterns at dynamic levels. Most chart analysts use harmonic patterns to forecast buying and selling signals or expected stock reversals for many securities using historical feed data.

Even the most experienced traders have trouble identifying harmonic patterns. It identifies some of the basic harmonic patterns like Gartley, Bat, Butterfly, Crab, etc.

It is also helpful to look for very high probability reversal points for entry and exit in the stock.

There are too many patterns, and they might give opposite results.


  1. Awesome AFL oscillator

The Awesome Oscillator is a technical indicator that calculates the difference between the 34-day SMA and the 5-day SMA and then plots it as a bar graph. It offers a detailed look at the virtues and vices of a particular stock.

The Awesome Oscillator AFL helps traders confirm trends, strength of signals, and potential reversal points.

It can affirm a signal and decide whether a particular stock or trend is strong or weak.

But only when it’s used with other indicators and signals.


  1. SuperTrend Indicator (AFL)

The Super Trend AFL utilizes several indicators to generate one of the best intraday trading signals. The best trading signal is generated using the modified moving average of the price action indicator and intraday AFL.

It provides you with a current stop-loss price.

It offers three different goals.

It provides a pullback strategy for the intraday trading.

Trading this long-term isn’t a good idea.


What can AFL be used for?

The following are some of the benefits that one is likely to gain when using AmiBroker’s AFL: Here are a few examples: Here are a few examples: 


  • Less Human Interference: Traders can use several signs to verify a trend or receive notifications for their trades, thus minimizing errors during the visual inspection.
  • Better Risk/Reward Ratio: Stop loss and targets can be used to determine the risk-reward ratio before getting into a trade and this enhances the trader’s probability of making a profit.
  • Time-Saving: AFL is useful because traders do not have to analyze the stock; they can click, drag, and drop the analysis of the stock and the trading signals.
  • Multiple Stock Analysis: AFL allows traders to quickly analyze a large number of stocks and portfolios. Consequently, the probability of finding good trading opportunities increases.
  • The Advantages of Synergy: It is always wise to combine different trading signals, charts, and indicators to reduce the risks and build better trading strategies.


Using the above-listed AFL, you can choose one that fits your needs and technical analysis skills.

Moreover, using tick-by-tick data for amibroker Indicators will help you in managing the profit/loss ratio and minimize risk.

In the present day, there are hundreds of different Amibroker data provider AFL scripts available on the internet that traders can use to boost their market performance. 

These AFL scripts are mandatory for every trader, but one must know the strengths and weaknesses of the scripts before applying them in trading. Before you subscribe, you can get a free trial for Amibroker data feed from the Amibrokerchart.

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